Creating a positive workplace culture and dealing with the tough ‘people’ situations at work are two of the toughest assignments we have as leaders.

For many years now Proteus has assisted thousands of leaders to do just that.

Through the very popular ‘Creating A Positive Workplace Culture’ and ‘Tough Love Leadership’ programs, many leaders have found answers to the issues that they have to deal with every day.

Bringing two practical programs together on the same day to create a very powerful Positive Culture Day.

Delegates can attend either just one program, or at a discounted price, stay for the whole day and experience both of these exciting and relevant sessions.

Sometimes the difference between achieving a great culture and dealing with the tough issues, can be as simple as knowing what to do.

The Positive Culture Day will give you the tools that you and your team will need to both make a difference to your workplace culture and make a difference in the way that people interact with each other.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring your whole team so that everyone is speaking the same language when they return to the workplace.

Creating A Positive Culture & Tough Love Leadership – two programs that will make a difference to your leadership experience.

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