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Everyone A Sales Person Workshop

Creating A Culture Of Selling!

Everyone A Sales Person Workshop

Creating A Culture Of Selling!

Creating A Culture Of Selling!

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The art and science of selling is possibly one of the most misunderstood concepts in business today. We associate a sales person as someone who sells items like a vehicle, home, power tool or make up.

However, did you know that whatever industry or job role you are in, you are most probably a sales person? Lawyers sell, teachers sell, nurses sell, team leaders sell, trades people sell… in fact it’s rare NOT to be in sales.

Becoming an exceptional sales person opens new opportunities to transform workplaces, build careers, achieve significant business results and create innovation, for all. Everyone A Sales Person is a great workshop for leaders, frontline staff and business development professionals.

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  • Topic 1 - What exceptional sales people do
  • Topic 2 - We all sell something – what do you sell?
  • Topic 3 - GROWTH – a model for sales success
  • Topic 4 - Building authentic relationships
  • Topic 5 - How to be flexible with your clients
  • Topic 6 - When to quit selling
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