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Shake It Up

Conference With Des Penny and Richard Dore

Shake It Up

Conference With Des Penny and Richard Dore

Individual $399 Per person rate
Table $2,999 Corporate table of 8
Groups $375 Per person for groups over 8

Conference With Des Penny and Richard Dore

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They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We know that this is right so, why do we continue to do it?

For leaders to be able to lead in this new landscape and for organisations to build sustainable futures, then we must Shake It Up!

It is time to stop following the crowd or trying to adopt the latest fad or myth and find alternatives that are better and different; alternatives that meet the needs of your team and your clients.

Yes, it will take a shake up and we will have to be proactive, but that is what contemporary leadership is all about.

So, are you prepared to buck the systems that are not working and shake them up?

Are you prepared to pull up some of those anchors and get rid of the organisational dinosaurs that hold you back?

This day will be one of the most thought provoking and positive leadership development days that you will attend this year.

Both Des Penny and Richard Dore are at the forefront of Leadership and Business Development and both have a strong passion to assist leaders and organisations to not just be better but to also be different and stay ahead of the pack.

This is not just theory to them, but it is real and achievable and they are committed to making it possible for others as well.

So, register your whole team into this inspirational and affordable conference and start to Shake It Up right where you are.

  • Sessions IconShake It Up! Session Content

Session 1 – Des Penny

  • People behaving badly
  • Cutting down the drama factor
  • Can adults really change or is it too late?
  • When to compromise and when not to
  • Being positive in NOT so positive situations
  • Monitoring your own behaviour
  • Cutting out the crap – and building a future

Session 2 – Richard Dore

  • When to fight, transform or run!
  • Fighting is not a dirty word
  • Fight early, hard and clean
  • Transformation with the right intent
  • Bringing your people with you
  • Set your psychopaths free!

Session 3 – Des Penny

  • The inflexibility of flexible workplaces
  • Adapting to a changing set of societal needs
  • Connection vs distraction
  • We want a pool table and a slippery dip!
  • Who runs this show anyway?
  • The reality and future of flexible work practices
  • How can we make flexible workplaces work for everyone

Session 4 – Richard Dore

  • Are you really transparent or just see through?
  • Transparency – the good, the bad & the ugly
  • Why transparency trumps privacy
  • You can’t fake transparency – so get real
  • Gaining strength in transparency and vulnerability
  • Getting some psychological safety at work
  • Anonymous feedback needs to be ignored!
  • Dealing with trolls
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