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Three Mindset Steps for 2024

Welcome to another year. A year that will be full of delights, challenges and uncertainties.

We all know the power of setting yearly goals and designing our environment to work for us, rather than against us. We also know how beneficial it can be when we make changes based on positive new habits that will stick, rather than relying on motivation alone!

The real question is; have you framed your mindset for 2024? Because, if you aspire to have an outstanding year, then it all starts with cultivating a positive mindset.

My favourite 3-step approach to proactively enhance my mindset for significant goals was initially inspired by a quote from speaker, writer, and performance coach Denis Waitley:

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”

1. Expect The Best

Always start with a clear inspirational pathway based on hope. This is what I call pragmatic optimism, and this is what leads you forward! Head into the new year (or any next adventure) full of excitement and being open to see the world full of wonderful opportunities. It is important to always remember how lucky we are to be alive and how grateful we should be to still be of service in 2024.

I’m so excited about what we have installed at Proteus over the next year, not to mention some of my own planned personal adventures.

However, optimistic thinking or ‘positive manifesting’ is not enough. We must mentally prepare ourselves for life's inevitable challenges.

2. Plan For The Worst

We need to be realistic and acknowledge that in and amongst all the good things ahead, crappy stuff will still happen to us. No one is immune from suffering or exempt from life’s challenges.

As Dr Lucy Hone, the New Zealand resilience guru aptly states,

“Adversity doesn't discriminate. If you are alive, you are going to have to deal with some tough times”.

After reflecting on my approach leading into 2021, enduring the toughest year in business during the 2020 global pandemic, I entered that new year with high expectations, believing that 'things can only get better.' Unfortunately, reality proved otherwise, and things took a turn for the worse.

On a personal level, 2021 proved to be even more brutal and challenging than 2020. Anyone from Melbourne can empathise with the impact endless Covid lockdowns had on our psyche. Maybe I was delusional or still traumatised from 2020, but I made a significant mistake by not mentally preparing for the worst.

During the early 2021 lockdown, I vividly remember experiencing emotions like outrage, a sense of unfairness, and injustice. It wasn't until I shifted my mindset from 'why me/why us' to 'why not me/why not us', that the game changed.

Rather than playing the victim game of thinking that ‘my rights and liberty were being violated’, my new mindset said, ‘of course this was likely to happen' and the reason that I am flipping out, stemmed from failing to 'plan for the worst.'

So, I adjusted my ‘entitled/offended’ mindset, stopped complaining, and focused on devising a plan to navigate these new set of challenges, fully aware that more lockdowns were a real possibility (as indeed more and more occurred).

3. Prepare To Be Surprised

I envisage many of our plans at Proteus will come to fruition this year, but we will need to work hard to make that happen. We can also be guaranteed to experience many surprises and challenges along the way. These will not necessarily be negative challenges, but rather unexpected twists that may divert us from our intended course. The key here is to embrace these surprises with curiosity and openness, instead of being annoyed or inconvenienced. We can approach them with a mindset of curiosity, saying, ‘how fascinating’ or ‘that's interesting.’

This mindset approach will keep us agile, open to even more opportunities for growth and positive change, whilst ensuring our relevance in a fast-evolving landscape.

So, here's to wishing you all the best for a successful 2024.

We have high expectations, and we believe that we can achieve them. Especially when we approach this year with our eyes, our hearts and our minds wide open to opportunities, challenges and a few surprises along the way.

Have a wonderful week,




Richard Dore
CEO - Director of Partnerships

Proteus Leadership



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