Blue Ocean Thinking Vs. Red Ocean Chaos

Blue ocean thinking keeps you relevant and your culture energised. It is about focusing on the longer game that enables you to move forward with clarity and purpose. It is about responding and not reacting.

Red ocean workplaces produce the same ‘status quo’ results as everyone else. Red ocean thinking is all about fighting for short-term survival, where the culture becomes mediocre, chaotic, exhausting and unsustainable.

Blue ocean leaders and workplaces are different. Their thinking is about creating uncontested products and services, with little or no competition. These leaders and workplaces work on strengths, leverage their uniqueness and embrace being different.

  • Creating a ‘Blue Ocean’ thinking culture
  • Moving your team out of a ‘Red Ocean’ mentality
  • How to stay relevant and competitive
  • Building a Growth DNA by leveraging your strengths
  • How to transform your products and services
  • Creating a ‘Blue Ocean’ strategy canvas for your workplace