The role of today’s contemporary leader is a multi-faceted one. Not only do we need to understand our own role, but we also need to have a sound knowledge of the processes surrounding the management of our most valuable resource – our people.

Although most organisations have internal Human Resources experts, it is important that every leader understands the HR role; what it is there for and how they need to reflect the policies and processes that support it.

Throughout this program we will follow the life cycle of a new staff member from recruitment and induction, to training and development, performance management, through the counselling and disciplinary processes and then into the organisational succession plan.

Throughout each of the eight sessions we will create templates that will assist leaders as they move back into their roles within their organisations.

This is a practical, ‘hands on’ program that provides Human Resource Management information, skills and processes for the everyday leader.

You will not become an instant Human Resources Manager, but you will appreciate the importance of the role and the importance of your involvement in Human Resource Management processes and procedures as they apply to your workplace.

People matter – so empower yourself to manage and lead them better through more effective Human Resource Management knowledge and skills.

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