Best Business Leader at the National MyBusiness Action Coaching Awards
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Best Business Leader at the National MyBusiness Action Coaching Awards

Best Business Leader at the National MyBusiness Action Coaching Awards

Awarded at the 2013 National MyBusiness Best Business Leader Awards at The Star in Sydney.

The annual awards recognise and promote outstanding achievements by Australian small businesses and leaders.

Des Penny was nominated for his vision, hard work and success in building the business over the last 20 years.

Des was delighted and humbled to receive the award. “You can’t win a Business Leader Award if you don’t have an amazing team around you.” he said. “So, I thank my wonderful team for all of the ways that they support me, everyday.”

The award also acknowledges Des’ motivations for starting the business. Initially driven by frustration at the lack of wisdom of most of the senior executives he had worked with, Des was amazed at how little many leaders knew or even cared about the people they employed. It wasn’t that they were not clever, they had simply adopted a reactionary management style and had not learned from difficult times. Des wanted to help leaders find a better way.

“It has always been about making a difference and believing in something so much that you want to risk it all to make mediocre leaders accountable for their actions in the workplace”.

Many of our clients will have heard Des speak at our events but may not be aware that he is also editor of the quarterly Proteus Life magazine and an author. In 2004 Des released his first book “Life Eyes – The Gateway to Who You Really Could Be”. This book and many more articles and videos from Des can be found on his blog:


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