Working With Local,State and Federal GovernmentDepartments
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Standing Offer Arrangement, DES122525 for the provision of leadership development programs to Commonwealth and State departments as well as government funded bodies.

Standing Offer Arrangement, DES122525 for the provision of leadership development programs to Commonwealth and State departments as well as government funded bodies.

Working With Local,
State and Federal Government
Departments Across Australia

30 Years

Proteus Leadership has been providing Life changing Leadership Training to Local, State and Federal Governments throughout Australia for 30 years.

What we do at Proteus Leadership:

Multi-Session Programs

Powerful Workshops

Leadership Coaching

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What Government & Public Sector attendees are saying about Proteus Leadership

Emerging Leaders Testimonial

This leadership program pushed me to think differently about the leader I want to become. The program was broken up in a way that made engaging with the content easier and exciting. I really enjoyed the delivery and look forward to the challenges ahead, as well as becoming a good leader.

Beth Bodiroza

Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Understanding And Managing Behaviour Testimonial

Very engaging and interactive “a wonderful outcome for a webinar”, loved the spread of participants, I got some great insights in the small group chats, very aligned to real life and actual scenarios.

Joan Wilson-Jones

Queensland Building & Construction Commission

Leading People & Culture Testimonial

This is the best leadership training I’ve ever participated in. Relatable content and presenters ensured the course was engaging and meant the techniques and personal analytics could be used immediately in real life situations.

Jarrod Raun

Latrobe City Council

Creating A Whole New Mindset Testimonial

Not just a program for potential leaders, but a program that should be rolled out to all staff. Very useful tips on how to manage personally and professionally.

Erin Doneley

WorkCover Queensland

Leading Innovation And Strategy Testimonial

I thoroughly enjoyed the program. It challenged the way I think about myself and my role in the organisation. I look forward to putting some of the things we learnt into action over the coming weeks.

Karen Tsebelis

Latrobe City Council

HR Essentials For Leaders Testimonial

An interactive experience with opportunity provided to consolidate learning through breakout sessions with colleagues and through discussion of take away's and key topics identified from previous session at commencement of each session.

Jovie Ingram

Gateway Health

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What’s next?

Proteus Leadership is an ideal choice for local government looking for leadership training because of our extensive experience and proven track record. Proteus Leadership has been providing leadership training for over 30 years, and we have helped some of the most successful organisations in Australia reach their leadership goals. Our leadership programs are based on extensive research and are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Additionally, Proteus Leadership offers a range of training options, including virtual and face-to-face training, making it easy for local governments to choose the option that best suits their needs.

Proteus Leadership believes that authentic leaders are those who are true to themselves, and ethical leaders are those who lead with integrity and a sense of purpose. Through our training programs, Proteus Leadership helps leaders develop the skills they need to become an authentic and ethical leader, which in turn helps to create a positive work culture and drive better results.

If you are a local government looking to invest in leadership training for your organization, consider Proteus Leadership. With our extensive experience, research-based programs, and focus on developing authentic and ethical leaders, Proteus Leadership is the ideal choice for organisations looking to improve their leadership capabilities. Contact Proteus Leadership today to learn more about our training programs and services and how they can help your organisation thrive.

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