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We can learn to be better decision makers!

The art of decision making is a complex but simple process, yet so many people have difficulty mastering the art. Download the Decision Making Template to help you make better decisions, faster.

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Think Strategically

All of us have the potential to think better, think differently and to think more strategically and innovatively. The first step in doing so though is to understand our thought processes and remove the unproductive ‘thinking patterns’ that hold us back.

None of us starts out life knowing how to think. It’s a skill we learn. But regardless of our basic equipment or the training we have encountered, we can learn to think better.

Are You Relevant?
“If you don’t know if you are still relevant or not - then you are not!”

- Des Penny

Innovation Vs Creativity

“Innovation is no longer in the hands of the Guru, or the stand-alone entrepreneur, it is in the hands of the whole team.” – Proteus Leadership

For years we have been taught that creativity is about the generation of ideas, where innovation was the roll out and implementation of those ideas.

This is still the case however, the concept that innovation and creativity are the domain of a select few has changed.

A new generation with a new way of thinking has arrived. They have a voice and they want to be heard and included.

This generation will be motivated and inspired not by what we do, but WHY we do it.

So being innovative is firstly knowing our WHY or our story, knowing how to communicate it and knowing how to bring it to life.

So, what is your story? What is your WHY?

Is it exciting and enticing, or has it become blurred through confusion and busyness?


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Proteus Leadership's Thought Change Model
By Des Penny, Proteus Leadership

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What would happen if we simply decided to FLIP our thinking?

What do we as individuals and our ideal workplaces look like? Do we know? Unless we see what we want then everything we do will be an accident, thus adding to the confusion and that ‘overwhelmed’ feeling.

The way we think about something or someone will determine how we approach the next three stages of the model.


We become what we continually say. So we need to challenge and change the way we speak.

3. ACT

Once we have a picture and have communicated this to others, then it is time to act upon it.


Start to do it – BECOME what we are prepared to THINK, SPEAK and ACT.


"The program allowed me to think differently about my work and results I wish to achieve and prompted me to focus on what really matters."

Chris Du Plessis

"Loved this Leadership Program. The presenters where great and their knowledge on the topics was inspirational. The presenters used the group and the group's experience in the workshop to help us understand what they were talking about. The presenters made it easy to engage and the topics were interesting. I have come back to my workplace inspired."

Kris Dalitz

"Although I was hesitant to attend ‘another’ leadership training course I was pleasantly surprised by this program. The sessions were fast paced and having a break between all sessions worked really well. Having co-facilitators is a great concept as sometimes listening to the same presenter all day can be difficult. Richard and Brett were informative and entertaining at the same time. The title of this course is exactly what I got out of it…take time to Think! Working in small groups and listening to their experiences was also a highlight of the course. This was by far the best leadership course I have attended."

Lynda Fraser

"The tools that I gained at the face-to-face course have already made a positive impact on the way that I think and approach my team. I get to do my job every day with a more positive view and different perspective by applying the flip tactic."

Sandra Garnica