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New to leadership?

So you just landed a leadership position that starts tomorrow and all the leadership skills will fall from the sky tonight when you go to sleep and you will wake up as a ‘Great Leader’. We all know that wont happen.

Leadership skills are learnt skills, so your leadership journey starts here.

One of the most important skill that a leader requires is the ablitity to communicat clearly. It is not what you say but how you say it. Download The Seven C’s template and gain clarity around your message.

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Emerging Leaders

If you want to create change and make your mark as a leader, the most important place to begin is with yourself. If you get yourself right first, others are more likely to follow your example.

The emerging leader’s role can often be one of the most difficult roles in the organisation because they are at the ‘coal-face’, having to deal with the real issues that occur, on a daily basis.
Over the years, the role of frontline leadership has changed significantly, from being top down and autocratic, to a team leader, coach and motivator. Therefore it’s important that new leaders gain the right skills early on.

The Importance Of Leadership - Getting Yourself Right First

“An organisation can only grow to the level that its leaders are prepared to grow to.” - Des Penny

Set yourself up for success

Some things that effective emerging leaders need to possess or develop are:

  • ✔ A strong commitment to working with their team to achieve plans/goals
  • ✔ Care and concern about their team members’ needs and goals
  • ✔ Current knowledge of each team member’s skills, abilities and aspirations
  • ✔ Open and constructive communication skills
  • ✔ An ability to make tough decisions and be responsible for those decisions
  • ✔ A willingness to encourage, counsel and coach others for better performance
  • ✔ A desire to innovate and take risks
  • ✔ An ability to build strong relationships

Download the 7 c’s communication template.

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"I feel as though I have been through a complete training for leadership yet it was only two days. The facilitators, method of delivery and content was exceptional. Not only am I prepared to take on new challenges, I am equipped. I look forward to the next 8 weeks and the future with anticipation and excitement."

Kaily Goodsell

"Face-paced, efficient journey through leadership principles which will allow space for awesome things to happen for me and my team!"

Anne Davis

"Was a really good experience and would recommend it for others. the key take away point for me was the art of communication."

Andrew Mandall

"I highly recommend this course. I learnt so much during the 2 days. There was lots of "food for thought" but for a great team to work your foundation (or brick wall) has to be solid so you can build upwards."

Rachael Wilson

"Emerging Leaders training was informative and interesting. I was able to relate all areas to my work and personal life. Trainers were engaging, friendly and inspiring. Facilities and food were excellent and catered for GF. Thanks for a great training I have already begun implementing areas."

Ruth Nugent