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All Leaders Need Human Resources Training

In today's landscape, each leader must understand the essentials of HR if they are to opperate at their best. This includes the ability to have crutial conversations with their team.
Plan your candid conversation with our 5 step Counselling Interview Plan.

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Leading Human Resources HR For The Everyday Leader

People matter – so empower yourself to manage and lead them better through more effective Human Resource Management knowledge and skills.

The role of today’s contemporary leader is a multi-faceted one. Not only do we need to understand our own role, but we also need to have a sound knowledge of the processes surrounding the management of our most valuable resource – our people.

Although most organisations have internal Human Resource experts, it is important that every day leaders understand the HR role; what it is there for and how they need to reflect the policies and processes that support it.

Discovering Potential

Onboarding New Staff To Enhance Culture And Workplace Wellness. “The best minute you spend is the one you invest in people.“ - Ken Blanchard

Great Leaders of people need to be able to do the following:

  • ✔  Build great teams
  • ✔  Human Resource Management
  • ✔  Recruitment & Selection
  • ✔  Establish Induction & Wellness Programs
  • ✔  Create Professional Development & Succession Plans
  • ✔  Lead Performance Reviews & Development
  • ✔  Understand Industrial Relations
  • ✔  Counsel & Disciplinary Interviews When Required
  • ✔  Be A Manager, Coach, Mentor, Friend!

Things To Consider About Recruitment And Induction


"I found the 2 day session to be engaging and interactive. The passion both facilitators demonstrated was empowering, which in turn made the sessions to be of the 'non yawning' variety. I really enjoyed my time."

Jess Woodward

"Though not directly invoved with HR, there are HR type components to my job. I am confident that all aspects of this Leading HR course will prove to be invaluable to my role. Working with public sector protocols & procedures along with the inherent red tape may be the only stumbling block to being able to fully utilise all aspects but I am hopeful of being able to work with and if necessary as required, around these."

Bradley Chapman

"Very interesting and as always with Proteus relevant and very practical"

Kylie Upton

" I really enjoyed the HR Program. There were relevant and succinct presentations on recruitment, IR for every day leaders and counselling and disciplinary interview techniques. These were the highlights for me although I learnt something from all sessions. I also really enjoyed working through the practical exercises with the people at my table and meeting others as well. Very relieved that there wasn't any butchers paper involved! The manual is a great ready reference tool to have on hand too."

Judy Dew