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Bali Conference - Getting Closer

Hello again,

I have just had the privilege of being in Bali for the past two weeks tying up our conference plans and also visiting YKPA Orphanage to meet the team and some of the kids in their care which was a very humbling experience and makes me even more determined to find ways to help them in 2019.

As I was making the final adjustments, it really hit me how quickly it was coming up and also how excited I was about the event.

We still have people joining us and a lot of interest from organisations across the country, but Early Bird finishes this week and so I expect we will see a last-minute surge.

There is so much to tell you this month, so please enjoy the Bali news below.

Introducing Our First Scholarship Recipient From Bali – Amy Lingga

Amy works as a Director of Sales and Marketing with the Marriott Group and is based at the Marriott Courtyard in Bali.


I was incredibly privileged to visit YKPA Orphanage this week and to look at ways that Proteus and our conference could assist them. Babies just left on the doorstep and little kids caught up in the corrupt web of Street Kid exploitation are just some of the things that they deal with. In the photo is Michael Pate who runs the orphanage with his wife Puti, and the two office girls who have been at the orphanage all of their lives.

Delegate Numbers

Exciting news – including our four scholarship participants we now have 24 registered for the program with another 4 ready to sign. Our target is 40+ and it looks like we will easily get that number to the conference. I can’t wait to meet everyone there.

Meeting The Marriott Sales Team

Des meeting the sales team – Amy Lingga & Maya Purnamasari at Marriott Courtyard Seminyak – Bali.

Bring A Friend - $1,400

This offer is only for people who have registered into the Bali program already, but if you bring a friend or family member or colleague, then they can attend at the Early Bird price of $1,400.

Simply call Proteus Leadership on 1300 219 903 and provide us with their details prior to them registering and we will apply the discount to their booking.

Bali Words You Need To Know

Each month I will highlight 6 words/sentences that will help you when you are in Bali. Here are our first six:

Selamat pagi Good morning
Selamat malam Good evening
Halo Hello
Terima kasih Thank you
Tolong Please
Saya mau pesan satu Gin & Tonic A Gin & Tonic please
One Of Bali's Great Restaurants - Bambu, Seminyak

Bambu is a hidden gem specialising in classic Indonesian cuisine with a fresh twist. Chicken sate, prawns, spicy sambal; it’s everything you love about the small warungs (local cafes) in a gourmet setting. For dessert, try the dadar gulung – green pandan crepes wrapped around coconut and palm sugar, served with ice cream.

Have You Booked Your Accommodation?

Have you booked your accommodation yet?

Although there are many hotels and Villas to stay in while in Bali, the Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort, where we are running the program, is offering a special rate for delegates of our conference. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, then click on this link to make bookings.

Other accommodation options that are close by to the venue can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Have a great month and please contact me personally should you have any questions about the Bali experience.





Des Penny – CEO

Proteus Leadership
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