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More For Less – Not Less For More!

More For Less – Not Less For More!

Growing Your Business Through Generosity

Have you noticed lately that the cost of things seems to be going up, but the value in many cases seems to be diminishing?

Increasing prices are absolutely expected as production and service costs rise, but people must see a benefit from paying more.

Our Australian Post Service have been quite overt in advising us that their prices for postage will go up, but they will also be reducing the amount of days in which we have our post delivered, along with other business changes that are designed to give us less for more.

Health funds, with the help of the government, have again put costs up while at the same time reducing the number of procedures and services that are now covered under their Health plans.

Australian airline companies have again increased their fares, while at the same time removing services such as meals on short trips and the ability to use frequent flyer points when you want to. All things that were a part of the deal when you joined their frequent flyer club and why you chose them over the competition.

A major Australian Bank that I have been using for business for many years, when questioned about their diminishing service, admitted to me just recently that they are not focusing on assisting small businesses anymore because it costs them too much. They will now only be working closely with the big end of town. At the same time they are still advertising themselves as the ‘Small Business Bank’.

So many of these companies are just mean-spirited and in certain cases are in this situation through poor management, not because of a changing economy.

The list goes on!

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