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A Tidy Tip!

This might seem like a funny topic to talk about, but it is the thinking behind tidying and simplifying things, rather than just the action.

I love it when you hear someone who has a desk that is out of control say, “I know where everything is”. No, they don’t!

The fact is, that if you cannot organize yourself and your work environment, then the odds are that your life runs a similar way.

I absolutely love that feeling of cleaning up and throwing out and organizing. It affects our frame of mind and just simply makes us more efficient.

One of the fun things about getting organized is what you find within your mess that you forgot you even had – those little surprises. They probably still need to be thrown out, but hey, they add a little entertainment to the process.

Don’t believe the hype of the Messaholic! They are simply not as effective as they could be.

There is no way that you can be as productive or efficient when things around you are in turmoil.

If you look like a mess, then the odds are that you are also seen that way by others.
So, try it out, take one hour out of your day and clean up your environment – you might be surprised how empowering it is.

(By the way, check your vehicle also).

Happy Tidying


Proteus Donates $6K to YKPA Orphanage

Nathan Browne

Des Penny has just returned from Bali where he had the privilege of donating $6K to the orphanage for major projects they had. These proceeds have come from our Bali Conference registrations and from Proteus.

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Still Places Available - Breakfast Series QLD, NSW and WA

Breakfast Series 2019

The Leadership Breakfast with Des Penny officially launched in Adelaide on the 1st May. The feedback has been amazing so, if you are in QLD, NSW or WA you still have time to book into this powerful Leadership Breakfast.

Find out more about the topic "The Tribe Has Spoken" . We hope to see you there!

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