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Are You Ready?

Hi everyone,

With the very welcome news that Australia is slowly opening up again, some hope and enthusiasm has been generated that perhaps we can get back to focusing on some of the other important and positive areas of our lives.

Although many workplaces and roles may not look the same, there is one thing that will be required more than ever now and that is great leadership. Leadership that understands and can pivot to the changes that have taken place and is able to adapt and lead the changes that are yet to take place.

The impact of what they are calling the ‘great resignation’ and the shortage of qualified staff is yet to hit many workplaces and so, if we are to make the most of the next twelve months, then we need to lead rather than follow and prepare our teams and organisation for success.

It is still a well-known fact that one of the biggest incentives for retaining staff and building effective teams is to offer extensive and relevant professional development.

That is why on 18th November 2021, Proteus will be holding one of our biggest FRENZY events ever. We will be offering reduced prices on our entire 2022 program schedule for one day only.

You will have the ability to purchase individual program places, in-house programs, or purchase blocks of places even if you are not yet certain of who will attend.

This really will be for one-day only and we encourage you to take advantage of the FRENZY and set your team/organisation up for professional development success in 2022.

If you would like to know more about the FRENZY, then download the schedule of programs available or contact us at Proteus to discuss the options.

We look forward to growing with you in 2022.

Des Penny

Proteus Leadership


Frenzy Schedule for 2022

Click on the button below to download the 2022 Professional Development Frenzy Schedule (Frenzy prices will change on the day).



Service Still Matters

Richard Dore had the great privilege of conducting our Service Factor workshops with approximately 83 delegates in attendance. Service really does still matter and that was evident by the number of people who attended and the positive feedback we received.


Freedom Australia Program

Korrine Jones and Grant Davis were excited to wrap up the Freedom Australia Professional Development program (Cohort 1) with involvement from Blaine Callard (CEO of Freedom Australasia).

Thank you Freedom for being such a great group of interactive people.

Here is some feedback from the program:

First of all, the facilitator was fantastic. Korine was informative, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. Nothing was too much for her. She allowed us to settle in, interact and also shared her experiences. Me personally, as a leader have grown so much. I have used most of the coaching techniques we spoke about and I am still using it to find my happy place, the method that suits me best but also brings out the best in my teams.

There is nothing I would change as the sessions are all fruitful, we learned so much as a group and we also shared so much. I always ensure that every Monday after our Friday sessions that i give my team a run down of what we achieved during the Friday sessions. I am definitely recommending Proteus as a facilitator to all my friends who are in business and also those who are involved in leadership roles in other corporate businesses.


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Feature Program
Moving From Busyness To Effectiveness
Virtual Workshop

Find your focus and create more with less.

Next program: 25th November

This program will help busy leaders and teams to focus on their priorities and establish strategies to bring about sustainable behavioural change and transformational positive habits.

This is not just another time management program. This workshop helps participants to change the way they think, lead themselves and lead others.

This session will also equip participants with insights, tools and templates to move themselves and their teams from busyness to effectiveness.

Topics Include:

  • Quit Busyness and Get Focussed
  • Manage Your Energy – Not Your Time
  • Energy Effectiveness is Your X-Factor
  • The Critical Three – KRAs, Frogs and Your ABCs
  • Transforming Distractions and Digital Addictions
  • Creating Keystone Habits
  • The Proteus E–Factor

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