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“Culture is all about your behaviours, it’s what we do! Great leaders don’t allow their culture to happen by chance. Instead, they actively design it by collectively committing to operating ‘above the line’ in a positive, professional and proactive way." - Proteus Blurb - Culture Workshop

Culture By Design
Back in 1999, not long after I joined Des Penny at Proteus, we created the first program in Australia (as far as we know) solely dedicated to helping organisations to create great workplace cultures by design.

Looking back over the past 25 years, it's been remarkable working with leaders who have recognised the importance of prioritising their organisational cultures. Where they are committed to taking proactive steps to shape the culture they desire, so that they remain robust, viable and relevant.

As we all know, if you leave your culture to chance, unfortunately the dysfunctional behaviours and negative forces will dominate.

Tragically, great people will then leave. Even worse, your good people go feral. Yikes!

Having had the privilege of working with so many leaders to help in their transformation, I often ponder, do people really grasp the pervasive and powerful influence that workplace cultures exert across their organisations?

I was reminded about this with an insightful parable (attributed to the writer David Foster Wallace) which goes like this:


Two young fish are swimming along in the water, and an older fish passes by. The older fish nods at the two younger fish and says, "Morning, how's the water?" The two young fish continue to swim for a little while longer, and then one of them turns to the other and asks, "What's water?"


Your Culture Is All Around You

Like the fish in water, workplace culture is all around us. It permeates and impacts everything that we do. It’s the unwritten norms and ground rules of what’s expected, and what’s accepted.

Creating a positive workplace culture is not a passive endeavour. It demands a conscious effort ‘by design’ from leaders, and a real commitment from all staff.

As leaders, we have the additional responsibility of steering this cultural ship deliberately (am I mixing metaphors here?), ensuring that our culture and behaviours align with our values.

When our workplace culture is designed well, it shapes behaviours, influences decisions, and ultimately determines the success of our organisation. Then we not only attract and retain great talent with great attitudes, but we also create an environment where everyone can flourish.

So, take charge and craft a culture that enables, motivates, nurtures, and leads you all towards the culture that you desire, by design.

Wishing you a wonderful week transforming your workplace cultures.




Richard Dore
CEO - Director of Partnerships

Proteus Leadership


Kristine Ayes Joins the Proteus Team in WA

Welcome to Kristine. Another great addition to our WA team. Kristine joins the team as Client Services / Database Coordinator.


Simon Fallon at Fraser Coast Regional Council

Simon Fallon, Lead Educator QLD ran a Moving From Mate To Manager virtual workshop for a fantastic group of leaders at Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Throughout the half day workshop, leaders were taken through several topics that ranged from Understanding Your Role and Motivating Yourself and Others to Building Trust and Managing Conflict and Managing Psychological Safety, along with a number of others.

Participants were engaged throughout the workshop and had many insights that led to robust discussions.

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Sarah Savvas Presents with Confidence

Sarah Savvas, Regional Leader NSW/ACT ran the public virtual Presenting With Confidence workshop for a group of leaders from all across the country.

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AMA Group Partnership Continues

Proteus’ partnership with AMA Group continues with both Grant Davis, GM Education and Matthew Church, Lead Educator VIC/TAS facilitating workshops as part of AMA Group’s Frontline Leadership program. This was the 10th cohort of participants going through this program.

It was a fantastic two days with these experienced and emerging leaders.

If you would like to discuss a partnership with Proteus for your organisation, please contact us on 1300 219 903.


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work In WA

Brett Winkler, Corporate Services Manager travelled over to WA to assist Nathan Archer, Regional Leader WA in finalising the studio set up in our brand-new Subiaco office. Sifting through a sea of boxes and flat packs, the team worked hard and powered through to complete the set up.



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Leading & Managing Yourself
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Today like never before, organisations need leaders who are highly effective and produce results through people. Often leadership programs are focussed on getting the best out of your people to achieve great results, however, this program looks within and focusses on getting the best out of yourself.

Topics Include:

  • Getting Yourself Right First
  • Leadership Is For Grown-Ups!
  • Understanding Your Role
  • Establishing Clear Goals
  • Working on the right Stuff
  • The Art Of Communication
  • Servant Leadership
  • Changing the Way you Think

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