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Networking with your tribe

Some years ago, I decided to introduce a Proteus national breakfast series into our suite of programs. As a business decision it is a total ‘loss leader’, but as an opportunity for us to connect with literally thousands of leaders and businesses, and our tribe, it has been an incredible success. Eight years later, we still fill our breakfasts in 5 states of Australia.


Well, for some years now we have been taught that networking is the only way to build our businesses and our profile however, our ability to network and communicate through a range of different platforms has now changed things, not necessarily the principle, but certainly the medium.  The click of a button now gives us the information we need on any topic or subject. Social Media tribes have now replaced many of the face-to-face opportunities that we once had and that will continue to happen moving forward.

But sometimes it is just great to get together, without the expectation that the person next to us is trying to sell us something. Sometimes we just need a safe place to refill our emotional and physical tanks, without any preconceived expectations.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for that type of networking, but there is also a time and place where we just come together to stay connected and to be inspired.

A place where we can meet for personal support, to support others with a common cause, and have the opportunity to exchange ideas. A place where we can celebrate with our teams outside of our physical workplaces.

All of us need a place of belonging, where we can feel psychologically safe.

We all need a tribe that has similar goals and objectives, but where we can also feel comfortable enough to display our differences.

So, thank you to all of our tribe, both long-term and newer members, for supporting the Proteus breakfast series nationally. We will continue to bring them to you while you continue to want them.

Our next breakfast series is in October where Richard Dore, Co-CEO of Proteus Leadership will be speaking on the topic – Right People, Right Teams, Right Outcomes.

Why not register your team now because we would certainly love the opportunity to connect with you again.

Book online at or contact our team on 1300 219 903 to reserve your places.

Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Richard Dore - Positive Culture Day in Perth


Richard Dore, Co-CEO and Leader of Culture ran the Positive Culture Day in Perth.  How do you rate the culture in your workplace? To test your workplace culture take Richard Dore’s Culture Pulse Test.

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Des Penny Wraps Up
Leadership Breakfast Series #1


Des Penny wraps up the Leadership Breakfast Series #1 The Tribe Has Spoken. We are now taking bookings for Leadership Breakfast Series #2 with Richard Dore where he will speak on, Right People, Right Teams, Right Outcomes and How To Design Your Team For Great Results.  Register now as this Leadership Breakfast is already filling fast.

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Leadership Breakfast Series #2
With Richard Dore

Right People, Right Teams, Right Outcomes

Breakfast Series #2

Breakfast Series #2 With Richard Dore - Right People, Right Teams, Right Outcomes

How To Design Your Team For Great Results - Bring your whole team to this inspirational event where Richard Dore - Co-CEO, Proteus Leadership will share insights on how to help leaders get the right people, the right teams and the right outcomes and will show leaders how to design and lead their team while getting great work done.

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