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Promoting HOPE

One of the great things about the human psyche is that we inherently look for answers to the things that the universe throws at us – both good and bad.

Even when things get tough, after an initial period of acceptance, we usually realise that we must fix it, or live with it, and so we do something about it or accept it.

But for some people that is not so easy. They struggle with the concept of a better way and often allow things to get on top of them, blurring their vision.

This is where you and I come in.

As leaders, we so often hear about the skills and the expectations that come with being a leader, but very rarely do we discuss one of our most important roles, and that is to provide and promote HOPE to those we lead.

To let people, know and feel like there is a better way just around the corner and that their current situation is just a glitch in the bigger picture.

But to be able to promote HOPE to others, we must first adopt the principles of GRATITUDE and RESILIENCE into our own lives, because HOPE is lived by example, not just through words.

My understanding of HOPE is this:
H - helping
O - others
P - perform
E - everyday

Our role as leaders is to help others perform every day, but also to help them realise that what they do is in turn creating a better way and providing HOPE for others.

So, what is the message of HOPE that you are promoting right now, both in your workplace and in your personal life – because people need something to hang on to and believe in.

It is very simple – GREAT Leaders promote HOPE.

Something to think about!


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Welcome To New Sales/Account Management Team Members: Stefan Olesinski & Michael Dinning

Welcome To New Sales/Account Management Team

Stefan will work alongside Regional Leader Grant Davis to service NSW/ACT and Michael will work with Regional Leader Brett Hutchinson to look after SA/WA. Both will operate out of our Adelaide office.

We welcome Stefan and Michael to the Proteus family.

Last Week Our Educators Ran Programs In: Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide & Brisbane

Program 1
Program 2
Program 3

This is a fairly standard week at Proteus and combined with our regional and rural activities, we are truly proud of our national presence.

So, wherever you are situated in Australia, speak to us on 1300 219 903 about conducting training in your city or region.

Leading People & Culture Programs Selling Out Fast!

Leading People & Culture

If you are looking to participate in the first round of Leading People & Culture programs, then I would suggest you register as soon as possible.

There are still some places left in Sydney, Perth & Riverland (SA). Click on the button below to find out more about upcoming Leading People & Culture programs.

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Stay Connected In 2020


Feature Program
2-Day Leading People & Culture Program

For Leaders Of Communication, Behaviour, Culture And People


For leaders and teams to be able to successfully lead now and into the future, there are four essential sets of skills that they must have.

  1. They must possess the ability to Communicate Effectively and get their ideas heard and accepted
  2. They must also have an advanced Understanding Of Themselves And Of Others, so that they can build and lead high performing teams
  3. They must be able to Create And Lead Positive Cultural Change, both personally, and in the workplace
  4. Be able to have Conversations That Matter with all stakeholders in the business

This two-day program has been designed to equip leaders and teams to confidently perform all four of these essential areas of leadership.

This program is practical and deals with the ‘real issues’ occurring in the workplace on a daily basis.

Help to improve your leadership flexibility by attending this powerful ‘Leading People & Culture’ program in your city or location.

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