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The Difficult Time

Over the past three months all of us have had to adjust to a new way of living and working.

We have locked down, we have not gone to restaurants or seen family and friends, or played sport, and the list goes on.

The strange thing about it is that there has almost been a safety shield in our isolation where we vaguely knew what was happening, but we could hide away from it hoping it would eventually go away.

Now things are starting to change again. Not back to where they were, but somewhere that is still unknown to us and may cause more mental grief than the initial lockdown.

Over the next few months, as governments start to ease restrictions and people start to mingle again and face their new reality, what they have really lost will be there for all to see.

As governments lift financial support mechanisms many businesses will finally realise that what they have lost is just too difficult to get back and that it is more than just the need to Pivot that will restore their dreams, as they move into this NEW Normal.

Now I know this sounds depressing, but reality often does and eventually it forces us to come out from behind our barriers and face reality.

So, what is it that will get us through this next stage of physical and mental anguish?

  1. Admit what is really happening
  2. Recognise that changes will have to be made by all parties - now
  3. Understand that you are not an island – talk to people and involve them
  4. Be careful to nurture your mental health – give your brain a break
  5. Bring the things you love to do back into your life one by one
  6. Get out of isolation when you can – it is not healthy long term
  7. Foster the relationships that are important to you – no matter how strained they have been
  8. Learn new skills – something you have always wanted to do
  9. Above all – give yourself a break and stop demanding so much of yourself

These points might all sound simple and to some people even trite, but read them again and ask yourself, am I dealing with each of these things, or am I running back to mental isolation every time I am forced to acknowledge the situation?

Things are tough right now, but for many they are about to get even tougher and we cannot just hope that things will be OK, we need to take control.

Businesses and workplaces are crying out for GREAT leadership like they have never done so before.
So, my challenge to all of you is to again recognise what has, is and will happen in this time of change and take the lead both personally and professionally.

We are an amazing and resilient country that in many ways is leading the world, but to lead the world we must first start leading right where we are. In our personal lives, in our businesses, in our families and so on. We must begin to see what could be, and face it head on.

The new normal will be full of opportunity and hope, but we must prepare our minds and our situations so that we are a part of it and it does not just pass us by.

Stay safe and stay positive!

Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership

PS. I especially wrote this for myself.


Face To Face Training Back In Riverland (SA)

We are thrilled to hear that as of June 1st we can start to conduct Face-to-face programs again in South Australia. The government is now allowing pubs and venues to reopen with 80 people (20 per dedicated area, following COVID-19 rules of social distancing).

So, to start the ball rolling we have reset the Leading People And Culture program in the Riverland for August.

If you are not yet registered, then book now because we only have 8 places left.

Other programs will open up in South Australia again soon.

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2nd FREE Webinar - June 11th
The World Has Changed And So Have We

Yesterday we conducted our first FREE Webinar to showcase the NEW Proteus. Because of the large uptake, we had to close the session off at 90 people. To cater for those who were unable to attend, we have scheduled a second Webinar on 11th June which is already filling quickly.

Register now so that you don’t miss out.

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The Emerging Leaders Program Goes Virtual

This week we commenced our first Virtual multi-session program, Emerging Leaders. Facilitated by Nathan Browne and Grant Davis, over 20 people registered into this amazing experience that is conducted over 4 x weeks, with one half day session per week.

Our next multi-session program, Leading People And Culture, is scheduled for July (2 programs are available).

Register now because they are nearly booked out already.

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Staff Recipe - Javier Marmol (Our Spanish Chef)

Staff Recipe

This week our staff chef is Javier Marmol (Graphic Designer) from our design department and originally from Spain.

Javier's Spanish Omelette

(Tortilla De Patatas)


  • • 6 medium-sized potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced
  • • 8 eggs
  • • 1 onion, chopped
  • • 300ml olive oil
  • • Salt and pepper


  1. First, heat the oil in a large frying pan and then gently fry the sliced potatoes and sliced onion until almost soft, stirring from time to time so that they don't burn on the bottom of the pan. Drain the potatoes and onion in a colander to get rid of the excess oil and set aside.
  2. Beat the eggs in a bowl until frothy and season with salt and pepper. Gently add the potato and onion mixture and combined well, check seasoning.
  3. Cover the bottom of a frying pan with oil and set to medium heat. Slowly pour the potato and egg mixture shaking the frying pan from time to time so that the omelette doesn't stick to the bottom. Once the bottom of the omelette has set, turn the heat down low and cover the pan. After about five minutes, turn the omelette by placing either a flat plate or saucepan lid on the frying pan and quickly turning over. Gently slide the omelette back into the frying pan and continue frying, once again shaking the pan from time to time so that it doesn't stick to the bottom, until it has set all the way through.

Buen provecho! (Enjoy it!)

Stay Connected In 2020


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Psychological Safety Webinar


  • • Flipping the traditional Safety Foundation
  • • How to Decode Psychological Safety
  • • Building Psychological Safety into Your Workplace DNA
  • • How to create a culture of trust, curiosity and empathy
  • • Finding Your Voice
  • • The 2 Biggest Blockers for Psychological Safety

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