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Replacing Hate with Compassion

I wish I had the capacity to truly communicate how sick I feel about the horrible, horrible, events that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand over the weekend, when a monster destroyed the lives of countless people for no other reason than 'Hate'.

When I was considering what I should write this week, I asked myself the question, "do I really want to add to the myriads of people commenting, or should I just let it be".

But I couldn’t just let it be, because like everyone else, I need to process it and even though I cannot change the actual situation, I can help to influence the thoughts and ease the pain of others who have also watched from afar.

My initial thoughts and comments were that of rage and anger. These thoughts were further fueled by the disgusting and hateful comments made by Senator Anning. But he and others like him, do not represent the majority of great people that make up this planet.

But there comes a time when rage and anger must be controlled and put into perspective, and begin to consider what we should do:

  • • We must speak out against evil – otherwise it has free reign
  • • We must allow rage to eventually be replaced by compassion
  • • We must evaluate what lessons we have learned and what we need to change in our lives, so that we do not, in any way, fuel hatred
  • • We must act and not react – how can we reach out to help?
  • • We must not seek revenge
  • • We must teach those around us, our families, our workplaces, etc. that there is a better way – this is not the norm, and never will be
  • • We must change our own communication and be more careful of what we say, even if we think it's innocent
  • • And as hard as it is, we must go on and live better lives and be better people because of it.

Because, if we do not do these things, then we too will continue to live the hate that has been displayed. Never forget the situation, but do not continue to live it, allow it to make you better, as hard as that might sound.

Having lived in New Zealand for a chunk of my childhood, I know what an amazing place it is, and what beautiful people live within it.

So, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and friends affected and in fact to the whole of New Zealand.

Des Penny

Des Penny – Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


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Positive Culture Day - Make a difference to your leadership experience.

Creating a positive workplace culture and dealing with the tough ‘people’ situations at work are two of the toughest assignments we have as leaders. For many years now Proteus has assisted thousands of leaders to do just that.

Through the very popular ‘Creating A Positive Culture’ and ‘Tough Love Leadership’ sessions, many leaders have found answers to the issues that they have to deal with every day.

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