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Shaking Things Up

If you haven’t been shaken up in some way this year, then you must have cement in your shoes.

We have all had to bunker down and shut shop, but now it is time to shake everything up again and implement the lessons we learned and the new innovations that we have had to adopt. If we can do this, then there is no reason why 2021 cannot also be a year to remember, but for different and positive reasons.

But here are some of the things we will need to do:

  • Move out of the siege mentality and get ready for battle again
  • Spend time on your team and your culture again
  • Evaluate who you are and what you want - is your vision the same moving forward
  • Move out of Grief, make new choices, take action and grow
  • Above all, promote HOPE again

I believe that if we look and operate the same way coming out of this pandemic as we did when we went in, then we will have missed the message, because Success is just lessons learned and acted on.

I know I have shared this before, but here is my very simple, yet powerful STOP model that I use when I need to make decisions in my life and business –

Slow Down – Take Stock – Own It – Proceed

I know if you follow this simple model then you will begin to move out of what has happened and back into what could happen.

Have a great week everyone.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Staff Movement At Proteus

As part of our own shake up and preparation for 2021, we have been making our own internal changes:

  • Co-CEO Des Penny now also takes over the reins for our NSW/ACT business
  • Grant Davis – SA, has been appointed to the position of Lead Educator/Corporate Services Manager and will have a national focus
  • Nathan Browne – VIC, leaves us in December 2020 to take up further study in 2021
  • Co-CEO Richard Dore takes over the reins at our VIC/TAS Business
  • Korrine Jones remains Lead Educator and Regional Leader for QLD
  • Brett Hutchinson remains Lead Educator and Regional Leader for SA/WA

We will also be adding to our team in Marketing and Education team in 2021.

We have a great team at Proteus, and we all look forward to working with you in 2021.

Proteus Offices Re-Open Across Australia

Both our Adelaide and Brisbane offices are open and now fully functional and this week we see the return of staff three days per week to our Melbourne office. We currently have two full studios built in our Melbourne office and it is great to be able to return to using our studios for Virtual Training.

It has been good to work from home, but also great to now be able to have face-to-face interaction with the team again.

Educator And QLD Regional Leader – Korrine Jones, Running Face-To-Face Program

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Leader As Coach (Face-To-Face)

"These sessions provided great insight not only in advancing my ability as a coach but how my coaching can effect others. It was a fantastic 2-days with a great and engaging presenter."

Kelli James - Courts Administration Authority

Leading People And Culture (Face-To-Face)

"This was the best professional development course I have attended. Korrine was an extremely engaging presenter who was obviously very knowledgeable about the topics she was presenting. My biggest takeaways were how the use of structures can help make presentations or difficult conversations a lot easier. I found the structures presented much more relevant and user friendly than models I have been introduced to in the past."

Skye Milliner - Teachers Union Health Fund

Creating A Positive Culture (Virtual Workshop)

"Focussed, up-beat, contemporary, pitched at a good level for manages across a range of services."

Suzanne Foot - Central Adelaide Local Health Network

Leading In Challenging And Uncertain Times (Virtual Webinar)

"Excellent content and delivery as usual from Proteus. Great to take time out to re-set and to realise in may ways what a good job we have done as a business and as leaders throughout the crisis."

Jeff George - National Credit Insurance

Resetting Your Leadership (Virtual Workshop)

"Timely reminders to reset our thinking for 2021 and to ensure we end 2020 as we intended - proudly making a difference!"

Kerrie Coogan - The University Of QLD

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