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So Much To Be Thankful For!

With another year coming to an end, it is very easy to look back and remember the things that went wrong, because for many it was a very tough year. But what if we decided to FLIP our thinking and look back on the great things that happened in 2018? The things that helped us to grow and to become better people.

Because when we do, it is amazing how our perspective changes on the things that we have struggled with.

So, rather than just write some motivational text, I challenged myself to look back and make a physical list of the experiences and opportunities that I had seen this year and it blew me away as to how fortunate and privileged I really am.

It made me again realise that the challenges will always be there, but I have the power to determine how they impact my life.

Will I let them overwhelm me, or will I learn from them and move on to the next great experience that is waiting for me? It is totally my decision to make.

So, I encourage you to set aside some ‘Thankful Time’ and write a list of the great things that have happened in your life this year and then write another list of the things that you have learned in 2018, you might be surprised just how much you have grown.

Remember – when we focus on what we are thankful for, then the things we struggle with are given perspective.

Keep being thankful, because it is the fuel that keeps us going!

Des Penny - CEO
Proteus Leadership


75 Years Of Service

75 Years of Service

Proteus is proud to celebrate 5 team members who in total have served 75 years at Proteus and celebrated their anniversaries in 2018. They are:
25 years – Des Penny
20 years – Richard Dore
15 years – Jane Miszczyk
10 years – Nathan Browne
5 years – Joe Stuart

Congratulations to all five of our team and we hope you are at Proteus for years to come.

Events Frenzy 31st January 2019

Events Only Frenzy

After a very Frenzied day on Thursday 6th December, where we offered great discounts on our 2019, 2-day leadership programs, clients have asked us to do the same for all of our 2019 one day and half dayleadership events – so, we have decided to hold an 'Events Only’ Frenzy for one day only on 31st January 2019.

We are only about a week away from finalising our Events Schedule for 2019, but we will be offering more events and more variety than ever before. Put 31st January in your diary now!

Bali Bookings Roll In - Register Before Christmas

Leading Innovation & Strategy

Bookings for the Leading Innovation and Strategy conference in Bali with Des Penny & Richard Dore are now rolling in. To secure your place, we encourage you to register before Christmas.

This will be an inspirational, practical, fun event – so, join us in Bali.

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Follow us on LinkedIn

Every week we post inspirational articles, events and information on LinkedIn and we would love you to be a part of that. So, if you would like to follow Proteus Leadership on LinkedIn and keep informed, then click on this link.

Feature Program
Leading Innovation & Strategy Conference Bali - This program will change the way you think!

Welcome to this exciting Bali conference where together we will learn how to make time for creative space, how to lead change and how to ensure that we stay ahead of the pack and lead the way.

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What people are saying about Leading Innovation And Strategy:

“It motivated me to think differently about how I perform and function as a leader. It has provided me with new skills and ways of mentoring my staff to work together utilising each person's strengths. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Bernadette Bowen, Regis Group

“Change within our leadership is happening all the time and the opportunity to find the space to think creatively is often jammed between other forces and keeping up. The program provided me with some great opportunities to reflect on my thinking style and where I thought the opportunitues were. The self directed learning and comprehensive tools and models have provided me with instant fixes that I have already started to use.” Julie Fry, City of Stonnington

“A truly insightful experience from thought leaders. Highly recommended for any person who wants to build credibility in an exciting time of consistent change, innovation and challenging tomorrow's thinking today.” Cathy Brown, Egis Road Operation Australia Pty Ltd

“Really challenged my current way of thinking. What I learned is going to be a big help to me moving forward.” Stuart Ellis, Orora Beverage

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