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Supporting Rural And Regional Australia

We all know how important it is for leaders in rural and regional areas to have the same access to professional development as those of us in the city. That is why Proteus has taken its programs to rural and regional locations across Australia since its inception 26 years ago.

But leading in rural and regional Australia brings with it a completely different set of challenges that are not necessarily encountered by most leaders. They have to address the issues of:

  • • Working in a small community where most people know you
  • • Meeting people you are trying to manage, in the street, or their children attending the same school as your children
  • • Or, leadership roles not so readily available etc.

But although these individual challenges are unique, the art and skills of leading and managing people across the globe are universal.

No matter where we live, leadership skills are learned skills and they must be taught either through training or by example, or both.

We cannot hide behind the fact that we are living in a big city, or in fact in a rural/regional area, people need great leaders to motivate and inspire them to grow and improve, wherever they are.

We have had amazing experiences over our 26 years helping rural and regional leaders to prosper. They are hungry for knowledge and incredibly appreciative of the fact that we have brought the training to their location.

So, moving forward we will be increasing the number of programs we take to these important areas.

We are so excited right now that we have the privilege and opportunity of taking our very popular 2-day program, ‘Leadership By Design’ to the following rural and Regional areas over the next months; Gold Coast (QLD), Shepparton (VIC), Warnambool (VIC) Riverland (SA), Port Augusta (SA) Hobart (TAS) and in 2020, Newcastle (NSW).

Visit our website to find dates for your region and to register into the ‘Leadership By Design’ program.

So, to all of our tribe who do such an amazing job in leading in rural and regional Australia, we thank you and look forward to coming to your region soon.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Leading Innovation And Strategy Program
Sells Out In Brisbane

LIAS Program Sells Out In Brisbane

The Leading Innovation And Strategy scheduled in Brisbane on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2019 has now officially sold out.

Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney still have limited availability but are filling fast.  If you would like to attend this program click on the button below or call us on 1300 219 903

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In-House Innovation And Strategy Day At Proteus

In-House Innovation And Strategy Day At Proteus

In-House Innovation And Strategy Day At Proteus

In-House Innovation And Strategy Day At Proteus

At Proteus we like to practice what we preach so, we held an in-house Leading Innovation And Strategy retreat for all staff. We flew the team in from all over Australia and enjoyed 2 days of training, strategic planning and finished with a couple of pints and a 3 course meal. It was great to get the team back together and plan for great things in 2020 and beyond. Watch this space!

Leading Innovation And Strategy Bali Feedback

Leading Human Resources

This is what some of our clients are saying about the recent Leading Innovation And Strategy - Bali:

"This program was amazing! It prompted much considered thought about the way I work and the changes I need to make to be more forward thinking and effective. The group size was just right, and the balance of presentation and small group work was also right. I will be encouraging the management team to take the same opportunity next year!"

- Jenelle Tinham

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Bali experience'. Des & Richard provided an exciting, interesting & educating two day program. The opportunity to share the experience with my son, who has only recently joined my business, made it even more memorable. The opportunities to interact with the other attendees & facilitators in both a social & 'in course' format added yet another dimension to what I would describe as being one of the best courses I have done in 30 years of learning."

- Dave Slatter

"I really enjoyed the face to face component...The content was very 'on point' with my current role... I think being overseas in Bali allowed better engagement with the program as it felt I was 'off the grid' from a work perspective... I also found attending the program with my colleague Chandell was fantastic due to the ability to consult and bounce ideas off one another, plus ensuring accountability upon returning to the real world!"

- Josette Patterson

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Feature Program
Leadership By Design Regional Program

Designed For Leaders Of People And Culture

This program is practical and deals with the ‘real issues’ occurring in the workplace on a daily basis. Help to improve your leadership flexibility by attending this powerful ‘Leadership by Design’ program in your region.

2019 Dates And Venues

  • Shepparton (VIC): 8th & 9th Oct
  • Canberra (ACT): 9th & 10th Oct
  • Hobart (TAS): 16th & 17th Oct
  • Gold Coast (QLD): 16th & 17th Oct
  • Port Augusta (SA): 17th & 18th Oct
  • Warrnambool (VIC): 28th & 29th Oct

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