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The Art HEART of Presenting

There are so many people in the marketplace claiming that they can help you to be a better public speaker, and in many cases, if you follow their processes then you probably will learn to present better.

But there is a very big difference between someone who knows the processes around presenting, to someone who combines those processes with their heart and their emotions.

I am sure we have all heard presentations that were professional but did not leave you challenged and wanting to discover the principles for yourself. It doesn’t mean that the person was a bad presenter, it just means that they have not learned to connect the heart to the message they are sharing.

Seriously, this is the difference between a good presentation and an exceptional one.

So, if you want to communicate in a way that leaves other people wanting to be better, then find a great model, prepare well and then connect your heart and show your passion for the subject.

Presenting is not just getting through it is about leaving a mark on the people who are listening and giving them HOPE through your experiences.

People can pick a phony from fifty paces, so when you are asked to deliver a presentation, be yourself, flaws and all because if you don’t believe in what you are saying then it will show.

I can remember my father telling me once, “whenever anyone asks you to present, say yes; then go about delivering your message as if it was the last presentation you would ever make". In other words incorporate every part of your being into each opportunity, especially your heart.

So, why not learn how to do this by registering into the Proteus Leadership Speak program running across Australia in March, April and May.

Remember, whatever we do in the area of Leadership must be HEART driven if we want it to have a lasting impact on people.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


WA only Frenzy – Thursday 20th February - New Schedule

WA Frenzy Day

Great News – Proteus has now committed to a new 2020 Professional Development Schedule for Western Australia, offering a full range of Leadership programs and workshops in Perth.

On Thursday 20th February we will be holding a Frenzy Day for Western Australian clients only.

Click on the link below and download the new schedule now.

Download WA Schedule

What People Are Saying About Leadership Speak Program

Take a look below at what our clients thought of the Leadership Speak Program last year.

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"I have attended numerous training events throughout my career, but Leadership Speak is hands down the best. What I gained in structuring and delivering presentations over the two days was amazing. The SOSOR and DIPS structures are liquid gold. Thank you for the presentation."

- Michael Doherty - Glenelg Shire Council


"Well let me tell you a story... I used to be a winger, some preparation but zero notes or structure. My presentations were ok but possibly left people wondering what rocket ship they has just boarded. Then I attended Leadership Speak. I thought the content and the delivery by Korinne was great. I learnt a lot and it was all structured in a way that was easy to digest and apply to any situation. The sessions were interesting and interactive allowing me to practice what I had just learnt. I now feel confident that I can deliver a great presentation and really drive my message home. Thank You"

- Carl Kitching - Aus-Meat Ltd


"I was very impressed with the professionalism of our Leadership Speak presenter. I found the content interesting and practical, and the delivery engaging. Although I can't say I had looked forward to the workshop (anything to do with speaking in public doesn't fill me with delight!), I actually felt very comfortable and appreciate this was no accident. The way in which the workshop was facilitated, right down to the smallest detail (room set-up, mixing up the groups regularly, Korinne's delivery) helped put us all at ease and enable us to get as much as possible out of the sessions. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have participated, thank you."

- Rachel Bremner - Churches of Christ Care Queensland

We are hiring in our Melbourne office! - Sales & Account Management Coordinator

We are hiring

Proteus Leadership is one of Australia’s premier providers of Leadership Training and Development. Operating nationally across Australia and beyond, Proteus has one powerful objective and that is to Create GREAT Leaders.

Currently we are looking for an experienced Sales & Account Management Coordinator to work with our Regional Leader and Educators across Victoria. The position will be located in the Melbourne CBD.

The successful applicant must have exceptional people and communication skills and love the art of selling and growing a region. We are looking for a real team player who also understands the power of great Account Management.

The position will also include some database management and program administration so, knowledge of CRM systems would be a distinct advantage, especially Salesforce.

You must be flexible, organised, know how to work hard and have an understanding of Social and Digital marketing concepts.

We are definitely looking for a team player, with a positive and helpful disposition, who also has an eye for detail.

If you are interested, click on the following link for more info.

Stay Connected In 2020


Feature Program
2-Day Leadership Speak Program

Communication And Public Speaking For The Contemporary Leader

“Your Leadership is demonstrated when speaking and the way you communicate will make or break your credibility now and into the future.”

Proteus Mantra

The ability to craft communication and presentations that are compelling has always been a critical skill for leaders to develop.

Whether you need to pitch a persuasive argument to your executive, sell change to your staff or colleagues, inform people to inspire action, present a message from the heart, deliver a workshop, or to represent your company through a keynote – leaders are expected to do this exceptionally well.

However, in our highly distracted digital world it has become even harder for leaders to cut through all the noise with messages that stick.

Leadership Speak has been designed to assist leaders to become exceptional communicators and presenters who capture people’s minds and hearts within fast paced workplace settings.

Leadership Speak will give you the skills, confidence and a clear roadmap to deliver messages that truly stick.

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