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The Culture Code!

Procrastination - the greatest killer of culture!

Approximately eighteen years ago, in a hotel in Melbourne, Proteus launched the Creating A Positive Culture workshop and seminar. At the time, no one else was really focusing on this important area of business and so we literally packed every event we scheduled.

Eighteen years later, with updates and modifications to the program, the ‘Creating a Positive Culture’ workshop is still as topical as ever and our programs are still full.

Why is this the case?

I believe that it remains such an important and challenging area because we make this issue far more difficult than it should be.

Culture is defined as - The Way We Do Things Around Here, so unless we are prepared to change the way we do things around here, then our culture will never change.

Great leaders know what the culture is in their workplace and go about finding ways to make it better. We don’t need a 6-month questionnaire, followed by frameworks, to tell us what we should already know – our culture is not working and it needs to be fixed.

Positive workplace culture is not determined by process, it is about helping people to establish better relationships and creating the space where robust conversations can take place without prejudice, and negativity and poor behaviour is dealt with quickly, because it is procrastination that is the greatest killer of culture.

So, if you want to start to build a better culture, deal with your problem people quickly, open the lines of communication where people feel safe to interact and then help people to build stronger personal and workplace relationships.

Remember: culture will never improve by introducing more bureaucracy  – it will only ever get better when we start to act and do something about it.

As the great Australian author Peter Sheahan said, "action precedes clarity”.

Every one of us deserves to work within a great culture, but every one of us also has a responsibility to make it that way.

So, when determining whether or not you should be in a place or maybe asking the question whether someone else should be there, simply ask – do I/they add to the culture or do I/they take away from the culture?
I think both answers have very clear paths of action. Either we get out or we take responsibility for our part in the equation.

Creating a positive culture in our workplaces is not difficult if we are prepared to do the things that are required to make it happen.

Building Psychologically Safe Workplaces
Richard Dore

Richard Dore wraps up his very successful series of breakfasts across Australia on the topic of ‘Building Psychologically Safe Workplaces’. The feedback on this series has been exceptional and already organisations across the country are booking Richard to deliver his presentation to their teams.

If you would like to organise an in-house presentation with Richard Dore, then contact our team on 1300 219 903

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Regional Leader VIC/TAS - Nathan Browne Celebrates 10 years at Proteus

Nathan Browne

After commencing part time creating course manuals, Nathan Browne has gone on to become an outstanding Proteus facilitator and now holds the position of Regional Leader for VIC & TAS.

Congratulations Nathan and we look forward to another 10 years!

Sales Is Still A Dirty Word

Everyone A Sales Person

Clients from right across the country have spoken to us about their struggle to get people to accept the reality that everyone within the organisation, regardless of what they do, are responsible for selling.

So, how do we get people to the place where they accept this reality and even begin to enjoy client interactions?

Check out our new workshop – Everyone A Sales Person commencing in September In Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Feature Program
Positive Culture Day - Make a difference to your leadership experience.

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What people are saying about Proteus Programs:

“I went into the day thinking this may not be fun or informative. I was pleasantly delighted! It was great - loved Des and Richard, great presenters and kept in interesting, fun and practical.”
Vikki Denny, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia - Positive Culture Day.

“Very practical, engaging and empowering. I will definitely be able to feel confident enough to utilise these skills.”
Kristy Archimbaud, Communications Manager University of Southern Queensland - Creating A Positive Culture.

“It was a fun, interactive way of learning about the act of presentations and presenting.”
Jennifer Gill, Account Manager mmw3degrees - Tough Love Leadership.

“Thank you! We both really enjoyed it, Des's presentation was GREAT! Very thought provoking, and confirmed for me how much I would love to work with you guys in the future.”
Catherine Murdoch, HR Manager Coles Distribution Centre Kewdale, Bankwest - Tough Love Leadership.

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