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The Growth Begins - Look Out Sydney

Hi everyone,

Last week I spoke about the need to grow and bring some life and excitement back into our business and our industry. I also said that Proteus would be revealing a range of new initiatives throughout the year, and I am pleased to introduce the first of many!

On Tuesday 1st of February 2023, we relaunched a physical presence back into NSW with the opening of our office and virtual studio in North Sydney.

Although we have never stopped working with our NSW clients through Virtual and In-house programs, we felt it was important to be back on the ground in the state.

We are also incredibly excited to reintroduce our new NSW/ACT Regional leader – Sarah Savvas, who will be heading up the region from our new office/studio and working with our clients across the state.

We will also be launching a series of face-to-face programs back into NSW which will include the reintroduction of our Leadership Breakfast Series (Watch this space).

Creating Great Leaders across Australia and beyond, has always been our mantra at Proteus and it always will be. This is just another way that we can spread the news further and hopefully assist more leaders on this wonderful chosen profession of leadership.

So, come on the growth journey with us in 2023 and remember - stagnation is for ponds not for our lives. (Terrible quote I know, but you get the message).

Have a great week.

Des Penny
Co-CEO & Founder

Proteus Leadership


New Office Details:
Suite 1, Level 3,
100 Walker St,
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: 1300 219 903


Richard Dore Celebrates 24 Years At Proteus Leadership

Proteus Co-CEO Richard Dore celebrates 24 years at Proteus this week. He has played a major role in the growth and culture at Proteus, and we thank him and congratulate him for an amazing achievement.


Des, Sarah & Brett Setting Up NSW Office

The Proteus team busy setting up the studio and office in North Sydney.


NSW/ACT Regional Leader – Sarah Savvas

Introducing our new Regional Leader for NSW/ACT. Welcome Sarah.


Bali Conference Postponed For 2023

Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we have had to cancel the scheduled Bali conference. We hope to resume this great event in 2024.


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Feature Program
Leadership Breakfast With Richard Dore

The Leadership Paradox
Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

Program Dates

Brisbane: 14th March
Melbourne: 22nd March
Adelaide: 28th March

In leadership, what appears to be a contradiction of choice – two opposing ideas – often turns out to be universally true and a powerful way of living a full authentic life.

Not only can we be both tough and kind, brave and scared, vulnerable and fierce, powerful and powerless, idealistic and profitable we actually need to embrace this leadership paradox of ‘being both’ to grow and thrive.

It is the same with change. While we need to continually adapt to an uncertain world that is changing radically, we also need to hold true to how we treat ourselves, while leading our people and workplaces. It is these leadership principles that remain the same and do not change.

It is not about settling for ‘either/or’ it is about embracing the duality of AND. That is the Leadership Paradox, living and leading with two seemingly contradictory forces or ideas at the same time.

  • Embracing The Leadership Paradox
  • Becoming Both Kind and Tough, Powerful and Powerless, Brave and Scared
  • Being Comfortable Sitting in Discomfort
  • Adapting to Change while Staying True to Self
  • Everyone is Shouting but what are they Saying
  • People’s Wants Versus Client’s Needs
  • Leading with Boundaries and Freedom
  • Living the Leadership Paradox

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