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The Importance Of Encouragement

Hi everyone,

One of the downsides of isolation and working alone is that it has actually reduced our capacity and maybe even our desire to encourage each other both formally and informally.

And being apart means that we don’t see a lot of the good things that people do and the things that we would have seen when together, and so we don’t comment.

Everyone loves to be recognised and encouraged and the impact it has on both parties can be immense.

Encouragement also has an enormous impact on the culture of an organisation and the way we interact as a team.

Encouragement is not based on who we like or don’t like, it should be based on effort in the circumstances and on results; where we know a person has done the best they can in the situation they are in.

We all forget sometimes to encourage but if we knew the power of encouragement then we would do it a lot more.

So, how can we encourage each other more?

  • Look for good rather than for the negative
  • Use your intranets for good – interact positively often
  • Don’t be gushy, give genuine support and encouragement
  • Speak well of the person and their efforts to others
  • Don’t just tell them something was good, give them the reasons and the impact it has on the bigger picture
  • Be sure your praise and encouragement is in line with their behavioural style, and know how they would want to be encouraged
  • Look for opportunities – don’t miss them

So, who do you know that needs or deserves encouragement? Single out three people this week and start the encouragement process. You will be amazed how powerful it is to all parties.

By the way – encourage yourself this week, because that’s where it starts!

Have a great week.

Des Penny

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