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The Power Of Your Tribe

On the weekend I had the privilege of travelling interstate with a group of 20 people to support the Melbourne United basketball team, of which I am a member.

Following the team is something that one of my sons and I do together, and it has become a great bonding activity as we enjoy each other’s company doing something that we are both passionate about.

But the rest of the group were reasonably new to me, albeit I had said hello to some of them at previous matches.

Dressed in our matching T-shirts we boarded the bus to head into enemy territory for the showdown. It was amazing. All of a sudden, we were not a group of individuals who didn’t know each other, but a tribe of people with a common goal that totally embraced our different backgrounds and our life experiences – we were united.

Although we lost the game, it just reminded me of how important it is when we bring people together in social settings or in our workplaces, to firstly accept their differences, but to also realise that when we have a single focus and everyone completely understands why we are there and what we want to achieve, then even 20 people in a crowd of 5000 stand out and people take notice.

A great exercise to do in your workplace is, every year, meet with your team and re-establish your purpose, not just as individuals, but as a group of very different people who have come together to achieve a desired result. Sometimes we assume that everyone knows - when they don’t.

The power of a tribe that is heading in the same direction can overcome any obstacle, and even in defeat they feel like they have done their best and learned things that will make them even better.

The interesting thing is that now more people want to join this united tribe and plans are already underway for future matches.

That’s how tribes work!


Des Penny - Executive Director
Proteus Leadership


Richard Dore & Brett Hutchinson Running Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

Richard Dore, Co-CEO and Leader of Culture ran an In-House Creating A Positive Workplace Culture workshop in Melbourne (Victoria).

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Creating A Positive Workplace Culture
Creating A Positive Workplace Culture

It was a pleasure to facilitate Creating A Positive Workplace Culture with a great group of people from Alice Springs with Brett Hutchinson.

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WA only Frenzy – Thursday 20th February - New Schedule

WA Frenzy Day

Great News – Proteus has now committed to a new 2020 Professional Development Schedule for Western Australia, offering a full range of Leadership programs and workshops in Perth.

On Thursday 20th February we will be holding a Frenzy Day for Western Australian clients only.

Click on the link below and download the new schedule now.

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Des Penny Proofs The First Edition of Proteuslife 2020

Proteuslife Edition 1

Editor Des Penny proofing the artwork for the latest edition of Proteuslife magazine. If you have not yet signed up to get your free copy, click on the following link. This is one of Australia’s best and most practical leadership magazines.

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2-Day Leading People & Culture Program

For Leaders Of Communication, Behaviour, Culture And People

For leaders and teams to be able to successfully lead now and into the future, there are four essential sets of skills that they must have.

  1. They must possess the ability to Communicate Effectively and get their ideas heard and accepted
  2. They must also have an advanced Understanding Of Themselves And Of Others, so that they can build and lead high performing teams
  3. They must be able to Create And Lead Positive Cultural Change, both personally, and in the workplace
  4. Be able to have Conversations That Matter with all stakeholders in the business

This two-day program has been designed to equip leaders and teams to confidently perform all four of these essential areas of leadership.

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