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Who Are You Influencing?

This week I turned 65, an age that in my mind I thought I would never reach. Not because of death, but because I never felt that I was anywhere near 65, and I have never acted my age, but here I am!

As I was celebrating at a beach house in Portsea, VIC with my family, I reflected on the people I have had in my life, who have influenced who I am today.

My father was a man ahead of his time and possibly the bravest entrepreneur I knew; he taught me to be brave and to be resilient.

My English teacher in High school, the poet, Flexmore Hudson, helped instill in me a love for the English language and the love for writing. I can’t say the same about my math teacher!

Richard Branson has long been a hero of mine and taught me the power of standing up against injustice and creating something better that actually met the needs of the people. Skills that have helped me considerably in building Proteus Leadership.

There are many more people who have impacted my life, but the bigger question is, whose life have I impacted on in a positive way?

We are not islands, everything we say and do has the ability to have a negative or positive influence on the life of a person or group, and we can choose which one it is.

So, how do people see you and your leadership right now?

Will they look back in years to come and say that you inspired them to be better, or will that time in history just be a blur?

The great thing about having an impact on a person’s life is that age does not matter, we will always have a role to play. That’s what leadership is!

So, I encourage you to both look back and reflect on the people who influenced you, and understand how, and also consider how you can/are influencing people around you.

It truly is a privilege to be a leader and helping people to grow and thrive is one of the rewards we get for the time and effort we put in.
Inspire someone today!


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


The Leader As Coach Program
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The Leader As Coach

We are thrilled to say that the interest in our new The Leader As Coach program has been significant. Leaders are realising that having the skills to coach and mentor is the only way that they can truly help people to grow, both personally and professionally.
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Bali 2020 Is Happening!

Bali-Leading Innovation And Strategy

After an incredibly successful 2019 Conference in Bali, we are going again. Registrations are now being taken for the 2020 Leading Innovation & Strategy program and we have already had a great deal of interest. Register yourself and/or your team now for this amazing event.

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Richard Dore takes Creating A Positive Culture to Morwell, Victoria

Positive Culture Day

Richard Dore, Co-CEO and Leader of Culture ran an In-House Creating A Positive Culture in Morwell, Victoria.  Creating A Positive Culture and Tough Love Leadership make up Proteus Leadership's Positive Culture Day. How do you rate the culture in your workplace? To test your workplace culture take Richard Dore’s Culture Pulse Test.

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Feature Program
2-Day The Leader As Coach Program

Leaders Helping Others Reach Their Potential

It is an absolute privilege to be in a leadership role, but an even greater privilege when we have the opportunity to coach others to success.

This powerful 2-Day The Leader As Coach program has been designed to assist leaders to become exceptional everyday workplace coaches who know how to motivate, inspire and bring out the best in their staff.

The learning outcomes are practical and can be applied back into your workplace immediately by learning how to:

  • • Deliver quality one-to-one coaching sessions
  • • Leverage strengths to increase staff potential
  • • Develop mindsets that enable growth
  • • Coach yourself to progress your own leadership skills
  • • Use emotional intelligence to build rapport
  • • Take your communication skills to the next level
  • • Embrace and coach different behavioural styles
  • • Identify coaching roadblocks and solutions
  • • Understand how to coach teams
  • • Creating a coaching culture

This program is suited to those leaders who are passionate about supporting staff to reach their full potential.

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