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I would like to invite you and your team to join me for breakfast, where I will be speaking on the topic – The Tribe Has Spoken.

We often speak about belonging to a tribe, or the necessity to form tribes within our organisations, but often fail to recognise, that there is a new tribe in town already, with a new set of rules and new expectations of how tribes should work.

They are speaking very loudly at the moment, but so many people are not listening, resulting in frustration that is creating divisions and intolerance like we have never seen before.

So, how do we hear and act on the messages that are being communicated, and how do we adapt to the NEW Power that has arrived and is here to stay.

Change is not something that will happen down the track. Change has already happened, and unless we get on board, then every one of us is only 5-10 years away from being obsolete.

So, how can we capture the essence of what is being said and become a part of this NEW Power tribe that has the potential to change not just our workplaces and our leadership roles but has the ability to shape how we will function now and into the future.

So, register yourself and/or your whole team into this exciting event and about the changing nature of tribes in the workplace.