3 Seeds To Plant For Future Growth - By Richard Dore - Proteus Leadership
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3 Seeds To Plant For Future Growth

Now is the time to plant seeds that can bear fruit for your organisation in the future. You can even provide seeds of value at little or no cost. Here are some ideas.

The best seeds are those that build personal connections and create value for your clients, customers or market… even in the absence of immediate business opportunity.


Speaking in front of groups is one of the best ways to build relationships and deliver value. You can sow many seeds at one time.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in: medical, environmental, engineering, construction, financial services, energy, insurance, legal, accounting, real estate, technology, etc. Talk to local business groups or professional associations on any of the following:

• Specific trends in your industry
• Mistakes to avoid
• Tips, advice or suggested strategies in your area of expertise
• A successful project and what you learned
• Cost saving ideas

You don’t have to be the best speaker. Simply provide information and ideas others will appreciate.

Don’t over-promote your business or firm in your talk. The value will be evident.


Write a short article for an industry publication or newsletter. Keep it simple:

• Create a “Top 10 list”
• Try a question / answer or problem / solution format
• Blog. It’s a great way to increase exposure online

Writing strategically is a way to keep you or your organisation visible so you’ll be top of mind when your products or services are needed.


Thank someone who has been instrumental in bringing you business in the past. Pick up the phone or send a handwritten note to express appreciation for the relationship. Nurture your network with gratitude. Connect with:

• Referral sources
• Friends
• Advocates in your personal or professional network

Make your list of 10 people now and commit to contacting them this week. Ask what you can do to be of help to them.

Talk with your team about any other actions they can take to plant seeds of value.

Now is the time for planting as many seeds as possible in as many ways as possible. Some will bear fruit and others will never grow. But you’ll never know unless you sow!


Republished from the International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM) – www.iidm.com

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