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Accessing The Confidence/Competence Loop

We all recognise that our success accelerates when we’re confident. The reason is simple – without confidence we revert to fear, and when we are fearful we don’t take any action. We get tentative, we delay and we procrastinate. When you are able to let go of fear, you take action more quickly and easily. Discover how to access this powerful success factor for you and your team.

There are several basic areas of study that, as we study them, we can become more effective coaches and leaders. This long list includes both human behaviour and learning. The psychological concept I want to talk about today comes from the intersection of these two fields of study.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to go all academic on you (though I could, with a simple Internet search, find lots of scholarly work on what we are going to talk about). Here is the concept – the confidence/competence loop.

Again, when you are able to let go of fear, you take action more quickly and easily.

This is all well and good, but the practical question remains – how do I become more confident? The simplest answer is to become more competent. As we become more skilled at a task, our fear shrinks and our confidence grows. This is the crux of the confidence/competence loop. And as our confidence grows, we get better (more competent). So these two critical factors for our success at anything (including any skill at work), are forever joined in a chicken and egg sort of way…


The confidence/competence loop

Let’s take a task you likely all know how to do well – riding a bicycle. Are you afraid to ride a bike? Likely not – because you know how to do it. So if I give you a bicycle and invite you to ride, you likely will do it right away – there is no reason to delay, there is no real fear, you just ride. If I gave you a unicycle instead, for most people, fear would well up – and they wouldn’t even get on the seat.

So how do we get started? We put our butt in the seat. Action overcomes fear. And with action, we have the starting point of competence, because we can’t get good at anything until we try it. You’ll remember the famous book from 20 years ago titled Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. It’s a great title, but even better advice. If you want to start the confidence/competence loop you must get started.


Once you start doing things with confidence that once scared you, your confidence increases. And once you try, you build skills. And once you see progress, you get more confident. And with more confidence, you get better.

And so on, and so on.

Whilst the research calls this a loop, I like to think of it as an upward spiral.

Confidence, competence, confidence, competence… and so on.


The application

Hopefully the application of this for us personally is obvious, but I want to talk about how we can inform, inspire and ignite the confidence/competence loop for those we lead. Here is a short course on how to do this as a leader and coach:

  1. Believe that people can ultimately succeed – and let them know you believe in them
  2. Urge them to try – and give them a safety net to reduce the fear factor
  3. Encourage the effort – spurring confidence
  4. Give people resources to speed competence – training, coaching and more
  5. Help them see their budding skills – and encourage them to loop it again

This is a simple and powerful way to use the confidence/competence loop to create higher and higher levels of performance.

Try it for yourself and try it for your team.

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