Co-Ceo - By Richard Dore - Proteus Leadership
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Richard Dore Appointed Co-CEO and Joint Owner of Proteus Leadership

Richard joined Proteus Leadership in 1999. Up until his appointment as Co-CEO in March 2019, Richard was the Managing Director and a Lead Educator at Proteus Leadership.
He is recognised as one of the most effective Business and People Management Educators in Australia.

Richard’s career spans more than 30 years in the Leadership Development, Education and HR space.

He has several qualifications, including a Bachelor of Education and Training from the University of Melbourne, a Diploma of Business and a Diploma of Business (Human Resources) and has completed 50% of his Masters of Business (E-Business and Communications) at Swinburne University of Technology.

Richard has had a significant impact on the growth and culture of the organisations he works with. His facilitation style is engaging, fun, irreverent and driven by telling great stories. He is passionate about partnering with organisations to bring about change and to demonstrate how complex issues can truly be transformed by applying practical solutions.

Richard’s passion for bringing about positive change has continued to inspire the growth and ongoing development of Proteus Leadership.



1. What do you value the most about the culture and vision of Proteus Leadership?

Proteus’ culture is transparent. We have robust and honest conversations,
we are action orientated, solution focussed, no one whinges, and we are appropriately irreverent. We also laugh – lots.

I still love our Proteus vision of ‘Creating Great Leaders’.


2. What are some of the biggest challenges facing leaders today?

Two major challenges:

Staying Relevant – as a leader, as a business and all products and services.

People – attracting, coaching, engaging, giving feedback and having tough love conversations, while establishing great teams that deliver on time.


3. What would you most like to achieve as Co-CEO this year?

To see our people transform and reach their full potential, while they deliver life changing programs for our clients and partners across Australia.


4. What is the best piece of advice you have received?

When I was 23 years old a mentor said, “Stop being a scrooge when it comes to spending money on developing yourself.” Plus back yourself with action, even if it fails, do it anyway then grow and learn from it.


5. What qualities make a standout leader?

That’s a big question, but integrity.  So, doing what’s right and not what’s easy or comfortable whether you are being observed or not.  Can I also add more qualities like, humility, bravery, being resilient, honest, forward-looking of course, transparency and vulnerability!

Proteus Leadership is one of Australia’s premier leadership training and development companies. Proteus Leadership provides leadership courses and management training to a range of industries and assists organisations to build positive workplace cultures, implement change and Create Great Leaders. Proteus also facilitates a range of world-class management courses, workshops, conferences and events across Australia and beyond with the sole purpose of bringing leaders together to connect and grow.

“Our core purpose is to Create Great Leaders that will in turn build Great companies and develop Great teams.”