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Being BRAVE!

Hi Everyone,

I always thought that I was a fairly brave person, except when it came to snakes, spiders and MRI scans, but I have been challenged more than ever of late to not just talk about being brave, but be brave. There is a huge difference!

So, if you want to step out and be brave, here are the three stages that you will have to go through. There are no short cuts!

The Stages of BRAVE

1. Preparing for BRAVE

Being brave is not just an impulse reaction, it needs to be planned and you need to understand why you want to do it? What are your motives? How will it look once you do it? Understanding the WHY is a very important piece of the success jigsaw.

2. Being BRAVE

There is nothing like just doing it. The adrenalin, the fear, the excitement are all parts of achieving your goal. But right in the middle of doing it, get ready for a healthy dose of self-doubt. Why did I start this? What the heck am I doing this for? Am I crazy?

No you are not! It is all a part of the BRAVE process and is a test to determine your commitment to the cause. This is when you need to break through and where your preparation will assist you.

3. The consequences of BRAVE

Some people confuse being brave with dumping and then running. We must be prepared to face the consequences of BRAVE otherwise we do not believe the reasons behind our actions and we are not committed to our message.

It’s not about just throwing grenades; you must be prepared to back up your message.

When you put yourself out there you will come across all of the life-long bitterness and self-righteousness that people have built up over many years.

Don’t let yourself become a part of it and don’t let them infect you or others around you.

Remember: When you are BRAVE, you disturb others who are not.

So, what have you always wanted to do, but haven’t yet gone past stage one?

We live in a brave new world where being brave needs to be a part of our daily routine.

As my character LOLA, from the Leadership Circus says, “why would we walk on a tightrope one metre above the ground when we can walk thirty metres above the ground and soar like an eagle?

Oh yes, she also says, “remove the safety net and then you will know you are really committed”.

So, keep being BRAVE disturbers, it’s worth it!

Des Penny


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4 responses to “Being BRAVE!”

  1. Michelle says:

    How is it you always know what to post when I need it most. I’m in the process of needing to be brave and go beyond fear and self-doubt. Thanks Des, inspiring as always xx

  2. Tracey says:

    Challenging quesions to start the year, thank-you

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