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Breaking The Circuit

Have you ever been so exhausted that you can’t even hold your head up and know that your interactions with people and your communication and decision making abilities are nowhere near as sharp as they should be – then you need a break!

“But I can’t, I don’t have time, the place won’t survive without me”, all common responses when trying to justify not taking a break; and all of them just don’t weigh up.

You see, it’s not even the length of the break that is so important; it is more that you need a circuit breaker, a turning OFF of the switch that keeps the engine turning.

What happens if we don’t stop, apart from the obvious, that we will burn out and in many cases cause physical and even mental damage.

Well, we will usually hurt the people closest to us as we vent our frustrations on them. People back off their communication with us as they see us as inconsistent and erratic. Everyone around us has to walk on eggshells!

So take a break!

When I say a break, I mean put other things into your life to circuit break the currents of busyness.

Plan to have friends over again. Plan to cook or play sport. Go away just for the weekend. Get a massage. Have the children looked after (for a year Ha Ha). Just take a break and let you mind replenish itself.

So with all of that Disturber Wisdom I am signing off from my Circuit Break in Cairns.

Keep getting disturbed – especially about yourself!

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