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Every Day Is A Second Chance!

Hi Everyone, welcome to the next chapter of your life – 2016.

So often at the beginning of the year we set new-year resolutions and with everything within us, we declare that this is the year we take those actions that will change our lives.

Even though our intentions might be honourable, our minds and bodies sometimes don’t get the same memo, resulting in disappointment – again!

We then roll up into a ball and justify why we didn’t achieve our goals. But really we knew we wouldn’t. We haven’t up until now, so why would this time be any different?

The problem is that we put such lofty expectations on ourselves that demand we make the required changes in one foul swoop, rather than recognize that we make change over time, bit by bit and failure by failure – how exciting!

Some time ago I began to deal with this issue in my own life in a different way.

Rather than putting pressure on to one moment, I began to see everyday as a second chance, a new opportunity to take a very small step towards what I wanted to achieve.

So what if I failed yesterday? Tomorrow is a second chance to try again and take a step closer to achieving my dreams and goals.

It is time we took the pressure off ourselves and realized that life and change is a marathon not a sprint.

You may never get certain moments back, but you can rectify the indecision or wrong decisions that you made if you are brave enough to try again.

Every day is a second chance!

What you didn’t achieve today simply presents an opportunity for tomorrow.

When we start to live like this, we begin to look forward to what can happen, rather than constantly punishing ourselves for our lack of achievement.

Every day is a second chance – I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Welcome back Everyone, keep getting disturbed for good in 2016.


Des Penny


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