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Get Involved And Be Exceptional!

Why would you just want to be good when you have within you the ability to be Exceptional?

I am not just talking about people with position or rank, or even those who consider themselves to be entrepreneurs; I am talking about YOU and ME!

Being Exceptional is not about being a workaholic or a machine or having NO work/life balance – it is about doing the best you can with passion and enthusiasm, no matter where you are or what you do.

All around us we are seeing and hearing doom and gloom and although this can be disturbing, exceptional people realize that it is during the tough times that we can really shine and pave the way for a great future.

But it starts by first becoming involved.

I love the quote from the famous actor and comedienne – Lily Tomlin, who said, “I always wondered why someone didn’t do something about that – then I realised I was someone”.

Get involved where you are; start to enjoy what you do, because there is no-one more annoying to you, than a miserable YOU!

So remember: Being Exceptional is not about climbing a mountain or jumping off a cliff – it’s about being exceptional right where you are. You don’t have to experience a massive Sea Change – just do it right where you are.

So, get disturbed enough to want change – and then make it happen!

That’s what Exceptional people do!


Des Penny


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8 responses to “Get Involved And Be Exceptional!”

  1. Graham says:

    Hi Des – Glad it doesn’t involve being a workaholic! But in my experience it does require a lot more than the standard 38 hour week to be exceptional. Not necessarily a 70 hour week, but nevertheless, an exceptional achiever will put in big time. But they also seem to have their time off for relaxation and fun. Cheers, Graham.

  2. Alec Downs says:

    Great advice. It’s very empowering to realise that you can be your own agent of change. When people come to me and complain about some situation they find themselves in, I like to cite Dr Phil (of all people): “How’s that working out for you?” Too often people don’t even consider that they have choices. Life is too short not to be happy (or to strive to be happy).

  3. Kaz Braid says:

    Morning Des

    Your optimism for disturbance is wonderful and so inspiring.

    I think I have been one for years…but have only just realised it.

    Thank you.

  4. Meagan says:

    Good morning Des
    Totally agree with you- inspiring start to the day! now I want to share it with the rest of the department – all 700 of them!

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