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Start With One Idea And Let Your Mind Go Wild!

The reason we can never get real clarity on many of the ideas we think of is because we try to do too many things at the same time.

A suggestion for getting clarity is:

1. Make a list of the ideas that you have stored in your head
2. Prioritise those ideas and choose the one that you get most excited about
3. Put dedicated time aside just to have a brain dump on your idea
4. Break your brain dump ideas into definitely could do, definitely will not do and worth a try
5. Start with the definitely will do list and begin to prioritise
6. Then add the worth a try ideas and see where and when you can slot them in
7. Cross off your list the definitely won’t do and stop them clouding your judgment
8. Now have a brain dump on each of the ideas left on your list and start the process again

What happens when you do this is that you not only have a great list of ideas to proceed with, but you also have a plan of action around each idea that can help you move the idea forward far quicker.

This may seem a tedious process, but what you end up with is real clarity on what you will do, and when you will do it and what you won’t spend time on. Often we do not let go of bad ideas soon enough and they cloud and confuse the things that are important.

So, take an idea; go through this process and see if you have more clarity on how you should move forward with it.

There is nothing sadder than having a great idea and not giving it the opportunity to grow.

I hope that gives you clarity and doesn’t confuse you more.

Keep getting disturbed!

Des Penny


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