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Still Learning Book Now Available

Hi Everyone, well I have done it. I have completed my second book called Still Learning – Tales from a life in leadership.

It has been a real journey and a real labour of love, as I have had to both face my own situations head on and at the same time reflect on what I have achieved and celebrate those successes.

In essence the book is about some of the experiences I have had on my leadership journey, but also about some of the very revealing and personal things that have also happened along the way.

What I discovered during the writing of this book was just how powerful and liberating honesty is. The fact that many people struggle for years in so many parts of their lives, explains why they are so confused and lost.

If we are not honest then we live a lie – it is as simple as that.

But when we are honest a huge weight lifts from our shoulders, clearing the way for opportunity and growth.

But honesty also brings its critics – that is just part of the deal when you put yourself out there.

You soon realize that whatever you say, or do, will not be accepted by someone, so just do what is right and honest, with the right motives and intentions and then it really does not matter what people think.

For me, the legacy that I leave is the most important thing. The footprint that you leave for others to walk in is what makes your journey count.

You can purchase the book at the Proteus Shop.

Please enjoy!


Des Penny

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