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What are Life Eyes?

What are Life Eyes?

Life eyes are the eyes that everyone has, which, when opened can look beyond the obvious and experience the unknown.

I guess the closest thing that I can relate Life Eyes to, is having insight. Some people have it and some people have very little idea about what is happening around them, apart from what they can see with their natural eyes.

Having insight is having the ability to see what is really intended in a particular situation. It is the ability to look past the actual moment and see how people and situations are affected and what the ramifications of an event or action might be.

Sometimes when trying to communicate a point of view or given instruction to someone, you realize that they just don’t get it. They have no insight. You may even see people who are extremely intelligent or have a high public profile but have little insight into how their words and their behavior affects those around them.

Well, this is part of the Life Eyes experience. However, it goes much further.

When we live our life through Life Eyes we not only have and want to develop insight, but we move to the next and most important step and that is to take action on what we have observed. In other words, do something about it.

To have insight is great, but to gather information through insight and not do anything with it is totally irresponsible and in some ways worse than not having it in the first place.

Seeing life through Life Eyes is about stepping back form situations and giving ourselves time to respond rather than react.

Living life through Life Eyes can also be described as getting a brand new pair of glasses or having laser surgery on eyes that do not see as clearly as they used to. For anyone who has experienced this you will understand what I am talking about. All of a sudden you can see clearly again. You can read the small print and enjoy the Sunday paper.

Like everything else that is important to our personal growth and development, moving into the Life Eyes way of living needs practice. It can be absolutely frustrating but it can also be incredibly rewarding as we begin to have an impact on situations we encounter and people we meet.

Tomorrow morning when you get out of bed, make a commitment that you will look past the obvious and focus on what is really happening. Look at every encounter you have with people and every situation that arises throughout the day as trying to teach you something. Try to understand what people are really saying to you while not moving too quickly to the obvious. Focus, and say to yourself, [testimonial authorname=”Des Penny”]“Today I will learn and grow and I will have a positive influence on the people around me”.[/testimonial]


The Life Eyes experience is one of the most rewarding experiences we can possibly have, but with it comes a huge, yet rewarding responsibility.

When we begin to live our lives through Life Eyes we develop characteristics and skills that will help us greatly on our journey.

Our Life Eyes look part the things that we see with our natural eyes, to the things that can change the way we think and behave, therefore making us more aware and more fulfilled.


Des Penny


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2 responses to “What are Life Eyes?”

  1. Jo says:

    Thank you. I love this post and I love your book! I will now aim to see with more than my eyes. To see with my hands, my ears and more importantly – my heart.

    • Des Penny says:

      Hi there Jo. It really is amazing when we do learn to look past the obvious and see ahead with Life Eyes. It gives us a perspective around purpose and that is so important. Thanks for your comment.

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