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4 characteristics to a good presentation

To deliver a successful presentation there are 4 main characteristics that must be displayed.

It must be: Powerful, Provocative, Passionate and Professional.

You will usually see 1–3 of these characteristics in most presentations, but often there will be a real loading on one of them that throws the presentation out of balance.

The key is to incorporate all 4 characteristics into your presentation.

1. Powerful

Stories and experiences that demonstrate the reality of what is being said. It can also be in the way it is presented and how much it relates to peoples own experiences that will make it powerful.

2. Provocative

This is the part of the presentation that takes the listeners out of their comfort zone and challenges them. This is not done for shock value, but to truly get people to think outside of their own environment.

3. Passionate

Passion is not something that you can fake. It comes from believing in what you are saying and loving the opportunity to share it with others. Ask yourself this question before you present, “am I passionate about this?” If not, become passionate or don’t present.

4. Professional

This is about how you prepare, how you look and how you speak. When combined with the other 3 characteristics it will be the icing on the presentation cake.

By Des Penny
CEO and Founder of Proteus Enterprises Pty Ltd


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