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You Got This

By Des Penny

You Got This

Over the past three years we have been tested more than ever before. Many people are now fragile and have lost confidence, while others have survived and thrived. Why is that? Is it because of the industry or personal situation they are in? Maybe!
Or, could it be that they believe in what they do so much that they decided nothing was going to beat them. For some that was definitely the case.

So, how did they get to that stage? How did they get to the point that it was worth the effort and the pain?
I have certainly asked myself this question many times as I strive to be better and not just survive but thrive. Here are the four common elements that I have discovered that allow me to say – You’ve Got this!


The first element is self-belief.

So much of what we achieve or don’t achieve is in our mind. If we are constantly feeding it negative thoughts and thoughts about our insecurities, then that is what we will act out and that is the direction our lives will head.

I have often wondered why we give ourselves such a hard time and why we constantly doubt our abilities, especially when we have done the work in preparing for whatever it is that we are about to face.

It must be exhausting to live in constant doubt and insecurity, where everything becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sure, there will always be a healthy amount of scepticism that keeps us on our toes, but when we feel and act out an ‘imposter syndrome’ for too long, then we become what we say.

What if we flipped that around? What if we began to say, “what if this worked?” How exciting it would be to see something we are working on coming to fruition. What if we said, “I can do this as well as anyone else.”

Let’s give ourselves a break and be proud of the things we have learned over the years that have brought us to the place where we have the capability to be a success.

“It is time that we started giving ourselves some positive speak by reminding ourselves that we’ve got this!”

Trust In Others

The second element we need to consider on our journey to success is that we must trust and work with others. Yes, we have to believe in ourselves, but we need the help and support of others.

Unfortunately, we have become a very critical nation that finds it hard to believe and trust the words and actions of others, so we clam up or criticise and try to tackle things by ourselves – this is where the problem exacerbates itself.

Have you ever heard of the 1+1=3 concept? This is when two people who totally trust and support each other work together and create magic. It is as if there are three people in the team, not two. We have all experienced this at some time and it feels great. Productivity increases, results are better, and we are much happier; why wouldn’t we seek to do this more.

Don’t listen to those who constantly criticise you, because they do not have your best interests at heart. Their opinion is simply not important.

So, who are those people you can trust? Seek them out, because your success will be limited if you try to do everything by yourself.
Seek their counsel and support but remember that the decision will always be yours to make.

Putting things into perspective

Seriously, if it’s not life or death then what is the issue really? Learn to put things into perspective.

Once we learn to truly put things into perspective everything changes. Our output, our results, our focus, our energy and stress levels and even our relationships with others.

Ask yourself this question, “is this issue really as big as I think it is or am I blowing it all out of proportion?”
I have a very simple mantra that I try to live my life by – Life is simple until I make it difficult.

Stop catastrophising everything and expecting things to constantly go wrong. Self-sabotage is not very attractive on anyone.
Remember: things are only as big as we make them in our mind – how hard is the task or situation really?

Put things into perspective and life will look very different.

Keep Growing

The only way that we can conquer the challenges we face in our lives is to keep growing.

Keep learning new things and stay relevant. Be open, to change and become a change leader rather than a change blocker. But this behavioural change must start with yourself.

Always remember – old skills struggle doing new things so learn some new ones.

So, self-belief, belief in others, perspective and personal growth are the four things that I believe are necessary to have the confidence to face anything. Will we always win – NO. But will we always be proud that we believed enough to give it a go – YES.

So, whatever it is that you are facing – You’ve Got This and as soon as you believe it that’s when it will happen.
You’ve Got This – now go for it!

Des Penny
Proteus Leadership

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