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Making Clever Happen

Dr. Jason Fox is on an epic quest to liberate the world from poorly designed processes and work. He is a motivation strategy and design expert who will show you how to drive process, amplify intrinsic motivation and make clever happen.

Fox is a bestselling author, thought leader and an internationally renowned speaker at conferences, including the ‘925 Festival’ in Helsinki and ‘The Institute for International Research’ conference in New York. Dr. Jason Fox is in demand for his ability to show forward thinking leaders from around the world how to unlock new progress opportunities and successfully plan for the future of work.

Renowned for his entertaining, intelligent and deeply thought provoking speaking style, Dr. Fox is able to reach audiences who think that they have seen it all before. His talk, Making Clever Happen, teaches organisations how to motivate their people to progress through doubt, uncertainty and change without the use of incentives and rewards.

As a business consultant, Dr. Jason Fox has partnered with and presented to major blue chip organisations including Microsoft, PepsiCo, Toyota, the CSIRO and the Red Cross. His unique background and refreshed approach to leadership development and cultural change makes this a presentation not to be missed!

At the 2016 Leaders With A Life Conference, Dr. Jason Fox will spoke on – ‘Making Clever Happen’.


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