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A Sense Of Optimism

I am sure people think that I am crazy writing about Optimism while sitting in my home office in the middle of Lockdown #4 in Victoria. Yeah, it really sucks, but optimism is far more than just the NOW. It is a combination of Head, Heart and Gut that results in a feeling of – it’s going to be OK!

To be honest, this time last year we wondered if Proteus would even exist 12 months down the track, and yet right now we have never been busier or more excited about our business in our 28 years of existence thus far.

This is not an accident, it is a combination of hard work, flipping our thinking, being positive and building trust with our clients over many years.

So, am I optimistic about things moving forward? – yes, I am! In fact, there is a great big world out there full of opportunities, waiting for optimistic people to grab hold them and bring them to life. Why can’t it be you and me?

So, in middle of another physical lockdown, let’s not fall into the trap of also creating a creativity lockdown. I know it is tough, but things will get better if we start to think about what we will do, and not just about the now.

Also, thank you to all the wonderful people across the country who have sent well wishes and support to us and the people of Victoria, it means a great deal and helps us to stay optimistic. Thank you!

I truly believe that our future will be amazing – so, let’s lead, rather than just follow.

Have an awesome week.


Des Penny
Director - Founder

Proteus Leadership


Welcome Rob Hartnett

We are thrilled to welcome Rob Hartnett, Educator, Coach, Podcaster, to the Proteus team. Apart from being one of our Lead Educators and Coaches, Rob will also take on the role of Regional Leader VIC/TAS.
Great to have you and your experience on the team Rob.


Leading People & Culture Face-To-Face Programs Sydney – One Week Frenzy

For this week only, we have launched a two-day Frenzy for NSW/ACT for the two newly released face-to-face programs – Leading People & Culture with Des Penny and the Proteus Breakfast Series with Richard Dore. This offer ends on Friday 11th June 2021 so register yourself and your team now.

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Congratulations Joe Stuart – 8 Years At Proteus

Head of Design and Development – Joe Stuart, celebrates 8 years at Proteus. Joe has made an enormous difference to the way we market our business and to our overall branding. Thanks, Joe, I hope you are here for at least another 8 years.


Proteus Ran Programs In AUS, NZ, UK & USA Last Week.

Educators Richard Dore, Korrine Jones & Brett Hutchinson had the great privilege of running a series of international programs this week in USA, NZ and UK. Well done team with the early mornings and late nights.


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Although most organisations have internal Human Resource experts, it is important that every leader understands the HR role, what it is there for, and how they need to reflect the policies and processes that support it.

Throughout this program we will follow the life-cycle of a new staff member from recruitment and induction, to training and development, performance management, through the counselling and disciplinary processes and then into the organisational succession plan.

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