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Are You Ready To Learn?

Hi everyone,

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
Attributed to Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha)

As an educator there’s nothing more exhilarating than witnessing fully engaged audience members having ‘lightbulb moments’ throughout your training sessions.

On the flip side, few things are more disheartening than encountering participants who approach learning opportunities with closed minds, cynicism, and an unwillingness to embrace new possibilities.

When confronted with such scepticism I try to remind myself by paraphrasing Buddha, ‘The Teacher Arrives When The Student Is Ready’ and evidently, they are not ready. Well, not yet!

As a leadership facilitator, I always aim to prime the space, allowing for people to have many ‘ah-ha’ moments. When this happens, it’s like there is ‘magic in the room’! People discover incredibly valuable and transformational insights that will totally enhance and reshape the way that they lead.

But this transformation can only occur when we are in a state of true readiness.

For people who are ready to learn, they just love discovering powerful and transformational ideas, concepts and roadmaps on how to lead more effectively.

It’s amazing how often participants say, ‘This stuff is game changing – but where were you years ago when I really needed it’. My response in these situations is perhaps… you weren’t ready then.

But here you are – right now. Prepared, ready and in an optimal state to hear, embrace and apply these messages.

Imagine your workplace, where everyone readies themselves for new learning opportunities by allowing the ‘Teacher To Arrive’.

Following are four actionable steps to prime yourself for readiness, cultivating a proactive learning mindset:

  • Love It
    Open your heart, not just your mind. Be open and vulnerable enough to allow the power of learning new, deep insights. Take note to what’s resonating and why you are ‘ready’ at this moment to wholeheartedly embrace your newfound self-discoveries.
  • Challenge It
    Go in with a healthy dose of scepticism, whilst maintaining an open yet non-cynical stance. Not all concepts will resonate and indeed you may disagree and be challenged with some new ways of thinking on offer. But dare to confront your preconceived notions, personal narratives and pre-existing beliefs.
  • Explore It
    Become a ‘Learn It All’’, not a 'Know It All'. Cultivate your unwavering curiosity. Enjoy embarking on a journey of exploration with things that pique your interest – often unveiling more revelations for even greater discoveries.
  • Action It
    The critical element of nurturing a learning mindset is to be ready for action. The application will embed your shift in perspective and promote the behaviour that is required for true change.

At Proteus, we live by a Mantra: ‘If you really want to learn it, then teach it’. This means that whenever you find inspiration in a workshop, a TED Talk, a podcast, or a book, picture yourself teaching these insights to another person. The results will be a higher level of understanding, growth and future improvement for you, and your audience.

It will guarantee that you will be ‘Ready To Really Get It’ in a much deeper sense, as this new knowledge is shared across the workplace with people who are also Ready For The Teacher To Arrive.

Have a great week.




Richard Dore
CEO - Lead Educator

Proteus Leadership


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Contrary to the title, Des is not against change; instead, he expresses his frustration with how many individuals and organisations approach it, often missing out on its transformative benefits. Throughout the episode, he emphasises the inevitability of change and the importance of choosing to be a part of it rather than resisting it.

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Watch this space, a brand new edition of Proteuslife magazine is coming soon.


Meet Our Client Services & Database Coordinator Team

Lynne Sharp (NSW) and Lydia Minenko (SA) make up the Database Coordinator Team. This team is responsible for interactions with clients, addressing inquiries, resolving issues and providing exceptional customer service. Thanks for the great work you do at Proteus.


What Our Facilitators Have Been Doing

SA Regional Leader, Brett Hopkins, had the privilege of delivering our Creating A Positive Culture workshop to Boneham Aged Care Services. What a great group of leaders wanting to make a difference. Very rewarding day.

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Matt Cooper, COO of AMA Group, kicked off the Frontline Leadership Development program delivered by Grant Davis. On day one of the program, all participants received matching AMA polo shirts.



Lisa Cutler led an in-house Multi-session program on 'Leadership Speak' for the City of Stonnington Council. Fantastic group!



Richard Dore travelled to Brisbane to facilitate the Emerging Executive Leader Program with the Intowork team.


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Making Decisions That Matter
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Poor leaders are indecisive leaders. Great leaders make decisions and then back themselves, their people and the outcomes. They continually make insightful judgement calls to act, with the right intent and for the greater good.

Simply put, great leaders make great decisions.

However, making continual strategic and tactical decisions can be daunting as they come with risks and can be fraught with self-doubt that can lead to procrastination.

This workshop will decode leadership decisiveness and help you to use both creative and critical decision-making tools and templates. Here you will gain the confidence to make innovative decisions that matter and result in success.

  • Why decisiveness is critical to leadership credibility
  • How to utilise the creative and the critical thinking stages
  • Establishing your leadership intuitiveness for critical decisions
  • Building in risk and failure as a part of success
  • Learning how to stay in the question
  • Maximising decisions using De Bono’s ‘Six Hats’ model


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