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Are You Ready?

After what could only be described as an ‘interesting’ 2020 so far, signs that we are at least controlling COVID-19 and getting back to ‘some’ type of normality are beginning to appear.

It seems that individuals and businesses have been in survival mode for some 6-8 months now, especially in Victoria, and my concern is that unless we are prepared to launch into the new year with a renewed sense of Optimism, that we will take that survival mentality with us into 2021.

There is no doubt that businesses have suffered, but when we stop to really think about it, some of our behaviours and business processes have also been changed forever, for the good.

There is a quote by John C. Maxwell that I use constantly in my own life, that says, “sometimes you win and sometimes you learn”. But to really understand and appreciate this quote, we have to take time to stop and evaluate what we have learned in the past 8 months, and what we will now take forward into the new year.

The time to plan for 2021 is now! We cannot just close our eyes and wait until we get there, because it is incumbent on every leader to have a plan and to execute that plan before it is even needed. So, what are you planning to do in 2021?

What education and training do you have in place? Who have you identified as leaders of the future? What are your strategies for improving culture in these very different types of workplaces that now exist?

I am a great believer in HOPE. But HOPE comes from the strategies we create and the actions we take. So, my challenge to every leader reading this, is to take one hour out of your busy lives this week to sit down and get a picture of what 2021 might look like to you, and then plan to make it happen.

Don’t stumble into the new year, walk in proudly, ready for whatever might be thrown at you, because it is liberating when you take control of the situation you are in and really Lead.

Have a great week everyone


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Partner With Proteus

One of the things we love about what we do is having the opportunity to truly work in partnership with organisations to build a strong professional development culture.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can do that with you, then please contact us 1300 219 903.

Everything is better when we do it together.

Extra Leadership Programs Scheduled For 2020

Due to programs being ‘SOLD OUT’, Proteus has scheduled extra 2020 dates for three of our most popular programs but be quick because places are already beginning to fill.

The new Virtual Programs are: 

  • Leading People & Culture Program (4 x half-day sessions)
  • Emerging Leaders Program (4 x half-day sessions)
  • Having Conversations That Matter (3-hour workshop)

These are some of the best Leadership programs in Australia – Don’t miss out.

Click on the links below to find out more and to register into these programs.

Leading People & Culture

Emerging Leaders

Having Conversations That Matter

2021 Program Frenzy – 29th October 2020

On Thursday 29th October 2020, Proteus will be holding a major Frenzy Day for all of our 2021 programs. So, if you are looking to book yourself and/or your team into professional development in 2021, make sure you take advantage of these once only prices. Put the date in your diary and start planning now.

From Darwin To Hobart To Perth

Virtual Education and training has literally changed the landscape of learning across the country. In just the last week alone, the Proteus Education team has delivered a range of programs for participants in every corner of the country – and all from our studios and homes – what a privilege. Thank you, Australia, for your support.

What Clients are saying about Proteus Virtual

Take a look below at what our clients thought of the new Virtual Programs.

"An excellent introductory seminar into coaching; the rational, theory and practice. It was just a good refresher that I am still confident despite the current COVID situation in delivering a coaching based style in my role and be mindful not to slip to heavily into psychotherapeutic styles.
Given it was all online managed extremely well, I was curious to test it with people outside my own organisation though. I feel it pulls people out of their comfort zone more.
The growth mindset and research behind it as an additional rational to people resistant to goal setting."

- Joseph Bentley-Ross - Cohealth Ltd
Coaching With Confidence Virtual Workshop


"Spot on – super helpful & informative.
Know your yourself, understand your team and how to work together to be the best team you can be. Ensure I take time to slow down and really understand others issues and what I can do better to assist them.

Building better teams and stronger workplace relationships - because as a leader you are there to work and lead your team appropriately and these topic gives you better skills and understanding as to how you can implement strategies to learn how staff perceive things and think and in turn how they react to what tasks they are given."

- Peter Holla - MAS National
Understanding And Managing Behaviour Virtual Workshop


"Excellent! Practical skills that can be used in any presentation scenario.
The whole presentation was interesting. Richard was really engaging and it's clear he knows what he is talking about."

- Taryn Pontifex - QBank
Presenting With Confidence Virtual Workshop

Stay Connected In 2020


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The Oceans Of Change (3-hour Workshop) - 19th November 2020

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Presenting With Confidence (3-hour Workshop) - 30th November 2020

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Coaching With Confidence (3-hour Workshop) - 3rd December 2020

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Psychological Safety (45-minute Webinar) - 4th December 2020

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Creating A Positive Culture (3-hour Workshop) - 24th February 2021

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Having Conversations That Matter (3-hour Workshop) - 3rd March 2021

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