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Being Grateful For What We Forgot We Had

What a sense of relief we all felt in Victoria this week as the COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions, started to ease. For months now Melbourne has been a ghost town and there has been a real sense of gloom across the state, but on Wednesday we physically experienced some relief. So, congratulations to the people of Victoria for sticking with it and achieving such great results. Now we have to ensure that we remain vigilant.

Every Victorian and others across the nation, all have individual stories of heartache and lessons learned, as we have lived, and continue to live, with this horrible virus, but one thing that has really resonated with me is not how awful things have been, but how lucky and blessed we are to live in this amazing place called Australia.

The rest of the world is looking at us with envy right now, but sometimes I don’t think we really appreciate our freedom and our way of life and just how lucky we are.

I will never again take things for granted, like going to a restaurant, travelling, getting a haircut, visiting my family, etc. Because it is not until something is taken away from you that you really appreciate its value, especially freedom.

So, my simple challenge to you is to be grateful this week for who you are and what you have. Make a list of 6 things and people that you will never take for granted again.

And wherever you get it from, get your joy for life back, because only then will we be able to promote HOPE and bring about positive change.

Have a great week.


Des Penny - Co-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Thank You For Supporting Our Frenzy

Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for your support on our Frenzy Day. Literally hundreds of people took the opportunity to book into Leadership Development for 2021. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Welcome Back Stefan Olesinski

It is so great to welcome back Stefan Olesinski to our team, based in our Adelaide office. Stefan is working within our Sales Team looking after SA/WA/VIC/TAS, so expect a call from Stefan over the next months. Welcome back Stefan.

TED Video – How To Lead In A Crisis

Amy C. Edmondson speaks on how to lead in a crisis – worth checking out.

Feedback From Our Virtual Programs

Having Conversation That Matter Virtual Workshop

Other courses I've attended throw up a bunch of slides and talk through diagrams, but only Proteus provides hands-on training material, frameworks, templates, and gets you to role play during the day. You can't not participate. You can't not learn something!

Daniel Johns - CyberCX Australia 

Resetting Your Leadership Virtual Workshop 

Thought provoking, relevant to all people regardless of title. Invigorating, and I just want to implement everything that I learnt.

Leanne Wilson - Golden Plains Shire Council

Creating A Positive Culture Virtual Workshop 

An excellent check-in on what it means to lead with positivity, filled with practical no-nonsense ways of working for application to how we work everyday

Sara Fleming - WCHN

The Keys To Staying Relevant Virtual Webinar 

Relevant and punchy applicable tools to be implemented immediately

Charlton Campbell - RFDS QLD Section

Emerging Leaders Multi-session Program 

Thank you for a fantastic program to assist in equipping me with knowledge and resources beneficial for emerging leadership. I enjoyed the four sessions and think that you are brilliant speakers. In particular, I enjoyed the last session where we were introduced to templates in order to assist us in preparing a 'pitch up' or 'roll out' of ideas and strategies within the workplace.

Bethany Williams-Holthouse - Bundaberg Regional Council

Understanding & Managing Behaviour Virtual Workshop 

Very engaging and interactive (a wonderful outcome for a webinar), loved the spread of participants, I got some great insights in the small group chats, very aligned to real life and actual scenarios.

Joan Wilson-Jones - QBCC

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