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Building Confidence

We often think that being a confident leader means that we have to be up all of the time and have absolutely no fear of anything – well that could not be further from the truth.
There is a big difference between being brave in a situation and being confident. Confidence is not just something we turn on and off, nor is it brash.


"Confidence is a quiet belief that dwells deep within a person and allows them to do the things that other people would think impossible." - Des Penny


Great Leaders are confident people because they realise that their confidence does not come from the acclaim of others, it comes from within, from believing in who they are and being proud of the fact that they have chosen to be happy and fulfilled.

So, what are you doing to build your confidence, because what you do now will become the fuel you need in future situations? Start by choosing to be happy, it is amazing how confidence can grow just from that.

Have an awesome week.


Des Penny

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Proteus Community Projects

This month we were all excited to commence our monthly Community Projects roll out. Community Projects Leader, Leanne Keillor, had the privilege of delivering over 300 brand new pieces of children’s clothing to the St Kilda Mums charity. This is a great organization that we totally support and if you would like to donate to them then you can do so by clicking on the link.

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End Of Financial Year

Our finance team Jane and Leanne working hard in the board room preparing for end of financial year activities.


Sold Out Programs & New Dates

It is incredible how popular our Virtual Leadership programs have become and now three more programs have SOLD OUT. Please check out the new dates for the programs below:


13th October
Having Conversations That Matter
(half-day session)

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22 & 29 September, 13 & 20 October
Leading People & Culture
(4 x half day sessions)

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9, 16, 23 & 30 November
Emerging Leaders
(4 x half day sessions)

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Feature Program
Leadership Speak
Virtual Program

Communication And Public Speaking For The Contemporary Leader

2021 Program #2 - Filling Fast!

Australia’s premier communication & public speaking program.

The ability to craft communication and presentations that are compelling has always been a critical skill for leaders to develop.

Whether you need to pitch a persuasive argument to your executive, sell change to your staff or colleagues, inform people to inspire action, present a message from the heart, deliver a workshop, or to represent your company through a keynote – leaders are expected to do these things exceptionally well.

However, in our highly distracted digital world it has become even harder for leaders to cut through all the noise with messages that stick.

Leadership Speak has been designed to assist leaders to become exceptional communicators and presenters who capture people’s minds and hearts within fast-paced workplace settings.

Over 4 x half-days expert Proteus facilitators will deliver 4 virtual sessions that will take leaders through a process require to prepare and deliver powerful and persuasive communication pieces.

The learning outcomes are practical and can be applied immediately back into your workplace, by learning how to:

  • Design presentations that are simple and work
  • Lean into the fear and embrace challenging responses and audiences
  • Enhance public presentation skills
  • Craft a pitch for change that inspires action
  • Be congruent with your body language
  • Develop recovery strategies when things unravel
  • Self-assess on Structure, Style, Substance and the Shift (the S-Factor)

Great leaders are also great communicators.

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