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Celebrating the Joy of Great Service!

The Service Factor

“A customer-centric strategy FUTURE PROOFS your business.” - Matt Church

What Matt Church, Australian Author and Public Speaker was really saying, is that if we get our customers, understand what they need, and give exceptional service to them, it stops us from becoming redundant and keeps us relevant to our most important people – our customers.

Unfortunately, the reality is that in a fast paced world, customer service has in many cases taken a backward step in a lot of businesses and unless we give it the attention it needs, it will come back to bite us and our businesses.

However, the only way we can do this is to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal and that every person in the organisation understands what GREAT customer service really means in their environment and what is expected of them in delivering that service.

So, welcome to Proteus' Customer Service Week from 15th – 19th July, where we will endeavour to put the focus right back on delivering exceptional service and therefore ‘future proofing’ our businesses.

Throughout the week we will be sharing concepts and ideas to help you and your teams provide overall better service, but we will also be conducting a half-day workshop for teams called The Service Factor. This program is a must for people and organisations who truly recognise the importance of providing GREAT service and want their teams to reflect that.

We know that these workshops will sell out around Australia, so book your team in now so that you don’t miss out.

So, how about joining us and declaring 15th – 19th July as Customer Service Week in your organisation.

Put Service back on top of your team’s agenda and bring your team to The Service Factor workshop in your state.


Welcome to the team - Tom and Rose

Welcome to the team

We are thrilled to be able to announce that Tom Gardner and Rose Moylan have joined the Proteus team. Tom has taken on the position of Regional Leader – VIC/TAS replacing Nathan Browne who has now stepped up into a GM role within the business. Tom is also an exceptional Leadership facilitator.

Rose has also joined us as a Leadership facilitator, and she will be working with Des Penny to develop a range of new programs for 2020. Rose is a qualified Psychologist and Coach and will help to open up a range of new services and products.

Welcome to the Proteus Family

Client Feedback from our breakfast series

Breakfast Series

This is what some of our clients are saying about the recent breakfast series with Des Penny on the topic - The Tribe has Spoken:

"Des Penny is an enthusiastic speaker who challenges leaders to self-reflect on whether they possess the characteristics they will need as they collaborate with the new power tribes. I left the breakfast feeling inspired to be a better leader and to work on the things that are currently holding me back."

"An energy boost for any leader, dusts away cobwebs and assist leaders and organisations to stay relevant!"

"Insightful and honest delivery of contemporary leadership challenges."

Leadership Speak

Leadership Speak

Leadership Speak kicks off in Melbourne with Richard Dore & Nathan Browne. There are still limited places available in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney, don’t miss out!

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Bali Registrations closing Soon


Our Bali conference – ‘Leading Innovation & Strategy’ will soon be here and so very soon we will be closing registrations. The conference will be held on 14th & 15th August 2019. If you have been considering attending, then please call our office to discuss before we close off.

It will be an amazing experience.

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Feature Program
The Service Factor Workshop -
Half-Day Seminar

In an exciting world of technological advancement, unfortunately our attention to service has taken a back seat and it is time to bring it back to the forefront in our businesses.
No matter how good your product is, unless it is connected to great service and walking in the shoes of your clients, it will never reach its potential. Great service is everyone’s responsibility.

This workshop will help to get everyone on the same great service page.

“This seminar was very informative, fast-paced, and engaging. It's delivered in a high-energy, impactful way without the weightiness of lengthy discussion.”
Natalie Lockett - Vinpac International

“The program was both internally and externally focussed, which is great for a corporate services team whose main customers are internal. It provided an action plan to focus on key areas where customer service can be improved and team behaviours monitored by the team.”
Laurie Ellis - Mitchell Shire Council

“Efficient and effective systems, combined with a flexible and positive style, while looking at a complaint as a gift leads to exceptional customer service that exceeds customers' expectations.”
Martina Rasmussen - Frankston City Libraries

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