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Communicate or get left behind!

It is not just a hysterical statement to say that we must be able to communicate effectively, or we will be left behind, it is a fact.

So many people often have such great ideas, or have something important that they want to address, but never make any head way because they do not know how to communicate or sell their thoughts and ideas effectively.

That sense of not having your voice heard over the voices of the assertive, can be very debilitating and can cause us to back off or give up completely.

In fact, I am convinced that any person in a leadership role will struggle unless they take the time to learn how to communicate and get their messages heard.

Proteus has created an amazing 2-day program entitled – Leadership Speak that has been designed for anyone currently in a leadership role or for those wanting to move into one, to help them build confidence around their communication and presentation skills.

Literally thousands of leaders across Australia have participated in the program with many who have advanced in their roles crediting the Leadership Speak program in giving them confidence to step up.

Every one of us has at some time suffered the agony and stress of having to present and communicate to a group of people, just hoping that we will get through unscathed.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually enjoy the experience and see positive results from what you have to say?

Well you can!

Be a part of the Leadership Speak program in your state.

Des Penny - CO-CEO
Proteus Leadership


Des Penny Visits Bali Orphanage YKPA

Des Penny Visits Bali Orphanage YKPA

Des Penny had the privilege of meeting with staff and children from Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak (YKPA) orphanage in Bali this week. YKPA is the orphanage we have chosen to support through our Bali Leading Innovation & Strategy Conference.

Simon Sinek Speaks About Speaking Last

Practice Being The Last To Speak
(Simon Sinek)

Brett Hutchinson & Grant Davis Running The Emerging Leaders Program In Adelaide

Emerging Leaders in Adelaide

Brett Hutchinson and Grant Davis conducted the first Emerging Leaders program at the Stamford Plaza in Adelaide this week. Approximately 25 participants from a diverse range of industries participated in this exciting program. Check out our website for the next scheduled leadership program in your area.

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Feature Program
Leadership Speak - The Ultimate Communication and Public Speaking Program

Leadership Speak will give you the skills, confidence and a clear roadmap to deliver messages that truly stick.

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What people are saying about Leadership Speak program:

“Incredible program. So practical. I felt myself improve hugely as a presenter over the 2 days. It was challenging and confronting but still enjoyable.”
Roxanne Ewing - Cromwell Property Group

“The Leadership Speak program demonstrated to me the power of first impressions, body language and framing messages to engage and give clarity around your objective. But more, it challenged me to put it into practice, time and time again, and the feedback from the presenters and my program colleagues was invaluable.”
Narelle Peach - University Of Southern Queensland

“One of the best professional development courses I have attended. Even though I find speaking in public extremely challenging, the course gave me tools & information I can use to craft exceptional presentations.”
Cathy Spanton - Murray Mallee General Practice Network

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